How to Train a Stubborn French Bulldog

Training a French Bulldog is not pretty hard, since they are basically clever dogs which are willing to work. With the use of food and fun ways to achieve training goals, we expect that the French Bulldog will thrive when trained with dog-friendly positive reinforcement.

But, how about a stubborn French Bulldog, is it also easy to train them? If you accidentally have a stubborn French Bulldog and are trying to train it, you may need to continue your way, since they still need to be kept active, though they do not need as much exercise. Let’s identify what you should do to train your stubborn French Bulldog through our post below!

How to Train a Stubborn French Bulldog

What Is the Best Way to Train a Stubborn French Bulldog?

According to some sources, leash training is the best way to train a stubborn French Bulldog. The leash training aims to train a stubborn French Bulldog from a puppy, so your pup will follow you or walk by yourself at all times. Well, he shouldn’t be refusing to walk or pulling you in all sorts of different directions.

Here’s how to train your stubborn French Bulldog with leash training, according to!

  • Get your pup used to the leash indoors

The first way you can take is to get your French Bulldog used to having a collar or harness on its neck. It is so normal if your French Bulldog finds it very off and may wriggle and roll about trying to get the strange thing off their back or neck.

You can start to put the leash and collar on your French Bulldog. After that, you can play with them at home for about 15 minutes at a time, while giving them treats. You shouldn’t hold the leash at this point, so you can really let your pup run about with it so that they will not feel restricted. Moreover, it allows your pup associate having a leash on as being a positive and fun thing to do.

  • Start to walk with your French Bulldog indoors

After your stubborn French Bulldog gets used to the leash and does not appear to be scared, you can invite him for small walks indoors. You can start walking a few paces using a command and make sure to keep your eyes with your pup. When he walks toward you, give him reward with a treat.

You can do this way for about 3 minutes at a time, but no more than 3 times a day, since your pup will be tired and will not get the leash training well. However, the young puppies will be easily distracted. If indoor walks are necessary, it’s a great time for you to try taking your pup for outdoor walks.

  • Choose the right time for your first outdoor leash walk

Timing is the key when giving outdoor walks for your French Bulldog. Need to know, a French Bulldog that is excited and full of energy may be far harder to train. However, a tired-out puppy will also be difficult to train.

Well, you have to take the middle choice. Many dog experts recommend playing a quick game with your stubborn French Bulldog before taking outdoor walks. An indoor game is a perfect way to tire a high energy dog out and also help them focus on the leash walk.

  • Try leash training outdoors

If you successfully do leash training indoor, outdoor training will be far more challenging mainly because of plenty of distractions. However, outdoor leash training aims to get your French Bulldog puppy paying you constant attention as they are on the leash.

If you try leash training outdoors for the first time, make sure to do the same thing as you did indoors. There’s no doubt when your pup gets outdoor training, they will be distracted by anything.

Keep in mind, you do not pull hard on the leash. You may need to make constant direction changes with verbal commands and treat to keep them focussed on you only. The constant directions include zig zagging, turning, stopping and heading back in the other direction.

  • Make anything fun

It is known that the French Bulldog will really love to play.  Leash training is a great effect you can use. If your pup gets hard on the leash and wants to go in a different direction or may also refuse to walk, you may need to make things fun.

Starting to act excitable is the easiest way to do it. You can quicken your step, run a little, make silly noises, wave your arms, etc. However, this way will make your stubborn French Bulldog attracted and they will follow you to see what the fuss is all about.

  • Make sure to deal with scary noises

Getting your stubborn French Bulldog used to the scary noises is one of the most important factors in leash training. This training is indeed a great chance to expose your pup to things it has to get used to. For instance, if you are walking near a kin’s playground, you can walk closer to it.

You may really want your pup to be well-adjusted and there is no reason why you cannot expose them to the reality of what a dog walk will be. Getting your pup used to scary noises will talk about repetition, reassurance, reward and continual exposure to traffic noise which got him over this fear.

Tips and Tricks to Train Your Stubborn French Bulldog

According to some sources, there are three tips and tricks you can take to train a stubborn French Bulldog, here they are:

  • Keep it quick: Always remember to keep the training quick vigorously. A quick training will help your pup focus on you and having fun together.
  • Treat wisely: A safe way to provide rewards for your pup is to treat them with a trail mix of your dog’s daily food ration combined with tiny treats.

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