When Do French Bulldogs Heads Split?

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the world. One of the things that make them popular is their distinct look. They have the heads that create a striking style. Basically, their heads split. With these kinds of heads, they can be the main characters anywhere because their heads stand out among the crowds.

Upon finding out that the heads of French Bulldogs split, you may be wondering when they split. So, when do the heads of the French Bulldogs split? In order to find the answer to the question, keep reading the post. Make sure to also check out the post until the end to know more about the French Bulldogs head split.

When Do French Bulldogs Heads Split

When Do French Bulldogs Heads Split?

Usually, the heads of the French Bulldogs start developing in their early months. According to the National Canine Research Association of American or NCRAOA, French Bulldogs heads usually split when they hit about 12 months in age.

The growth spurt will usually be seen around three months and it will progress as they age. When they are between 3-6 months, the growth will be slower as they will learn how to wean off their mother and how to explore their environment. At this age, they will usually become a real handful. However, they will be easily trained because they are smart and friendly.

When they are about 9 months old, the difference in their head size will be seen. Between 6-9 months, they will have their last growth spurt. During this time, their heads will be bigger and the wrinkles in their heads will become deeper and expanded. In addition, their jaws will become sharper.

Between 9-12 months, their heads will split or reach their full grown potential. However, it is true that some of them may not be fully grown until they reach 18 months. If they are big, they may continue growing slower for 2-3 years. When they are 3-4 years old, their heads should have fully split.

Will the French Bulldogs Heads Get Bigger

Will the French Bulldogs Heads Get Bigger?

For those who are wondering if the French Bulldogs heads will get bigger, the answer to the question is yes. Their heads will get bigger in about 4-5 months. At this period, their bodies will start getting bigger and their heads included. While their heads will be bigger, there is nothing to worry as they will still look proportional.

What is the kind of head that the French Bulldogs have? Apparently, French Bulldogs have a Brachycephalic head type. This kind of head is described as the one with broad skulls and shortened muzzles. Their heads are similar to the ones owned by Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers, and Pekingese dogs. What makes their heads standout is the wrinkled skin around the muzzles and a small jaw.

When they are just born a few weeks to the world, French Bulldog puppies will not look like Bulldogs. It will take a couple of months for them to have the look that resembles the adults and it is clearly not common because the puppies of the other breeds usually look like adults even when they just enter the world. Just wait for the French Bulldogs puppies for about 8 weeks to be able to see their resemblance to Bulldogs.

When they are still puppies, the French Bulldogs will look smoother than the adults and their heads will have no wrinkles. As they grow, they will develop more muscle mass. As the ones with the Brachycephalic heads, their heads will start to develop wrinkles during their first five months and they will grow until they are about 12 months or a year old.

Wrinkles in French Bulldogs are unique and they make them stand out among the crowds. These are like their signature and the ones that make them attractive. When they are older, they will not get any more wrinkles. However, these wrinkles will get deeper and more noticeable as they age.

What Are The Things That Affect French Bulldogs Head Growth?

There are a few factors that can affect the head growth of the French Bulldogs, including its split time. These factors include:

  • Breed mix: Compared to the mixes, full blooded French Bulldogs tend to follow this growing pattern. However, the overall growth of the puppy may also be influenced by the other breeds, except when they are bred with a smaller breed, like more compact Bulldog types.
  • Genetics: Genetics play a role in the growth of French Bulldogs heads. Some dogs have big heads while some don’t and it is normal. If one or all parents of your French Bulldog have small heads, do not be surprised when your dog also has one.
  • Diet: The overall growth of the French Bulldogs can be affected by the healthy and full of protein diet. If the dogs are fed with such foods, their heads may grow to their full genetic and breeding potential. On the other hand, if they lack such foods, their heads may be smaller. The sad news is that it may also affect their intelligence.
  • Exercise: If the French Bulldogs were exercised when they were puppies, they may develop more quickly by promoting healthier growth patterns. Talking about exercise and developing, it is worth noting that exercise can only play a part in helping the development of the dog. Besides, it should also be considered as a supplement way of assisting the dog in growing.

Actually, all the factors mentioned above are not limited to French Bulldogs. They can also give the same effect to the development of the new breeds with a French Bulldog.

What Should You Do If You Are Worried About the French Bulldogs Head Growth?

If you are worried about the development of your French bulldog head and you think that it is not growing well as it should, you are suggested to contact or visit your vet. Ask them if there is anything wrong that affects its growth. In order to keep it safe, ask to diagnose any growth-related health issues.

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