Pitbull Jack Russell Mix Full Grown

A perfect combination between Jack Russell and Pitbull has generated a new, powerful hybrid breed. The Jack Pit, that’s the name of Jack Russell and Pitbull crossing. The result will be a highly powerful and energetic dog that will demand an experienced owner to care for them.

If you are also interested in taking care of this hybrid dog, at least you need to understand in detail whether The Jack Pit is worthy to have or not. If you really need more information about The Jack Pit, make sure to find out the information in our post below!

Identifying the Jack Pit’s Parents

Before you pick the Jack Pit, you also need to understand its parent history both Jack Russell Terrier and Pitbull. Each Jack Pit’s parent will be explained in each section. Here you go!

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier dog

The Jack Russell Terrier is known as a playful and small-sized dog that has high energy and working personality. This dog is also known as a stubborn dog breed. But you need to know that Jack Russell is one of the most loyal and trainable dogs especially if you are willing to give them the time they deserve.

Jack Russell will also demand a high level of physical activity and really love to exercise. That’s why Jack Russell is popular as one of the most energetic dog breeds. If you want to have Jack Russell, you must be ready for his pace.

In fact, Jack Russell is great for an owner who has experience with a quick, agile and sporty dog. If meet, the owner will be comfortable with a lot of training. No worries! Jack Russell is perfectly intelligent and can absorb any lessons quickly.

Keep in mind that teaching this breed really requires patience and regulargy, because they will not easily accept the new instructions. In this case, you need to socialize your dog early to avoid them being aggressive and may try to hunt your other pets.

We think that the Jack Russell Terrier is one of the reliable family dogs to adopt, as it  will become highly affectionate and passionate towards your families. So, be ready for its high energy and active dog to bring life to the home and demand some attention.


Pitbull dog

Generally, the Jack Russell Terrier will be mixed with Pitbull to generate The Jack Pit. But, the Pitbull here refers to a wide variety of breeds descendants from bulldogs and terriers. Even though each one has its own characteristics, they have a lot of common features.

A lot of people see that Pitbulls are dangerous, extreme and powerful dogs. But, that’s totally wrong. That’s because if we understand this dog deeply, you will see that the pitbull is actually friendly both with your family and with strangers.

Historically, Pitbulls were bred to compete in blood sports and other violent activities. As a result, you may find Pitbull showing aggressiveness toward other dogs today. So, we should underline that Pitbull only fights dogs, not humans. So, it’s unlikely that Pitbull will try to fight humans more than other dogs do.

Characteristics of The Jack Pit

Characteristics of The Jack Pit

One of the most important things that you need to understand about Jack Pit is distinguishing exact physical and behaviour characteristics. Sure, it could be challenging when crossbreeding is in play.

The Jack Pit will naturally pick some of the Jack Russell Terrier genes and traits and some of Pitbull Terrier characteristics and genes. You may find your Jack Pit that more closely behaves like the Jack Russell or vice versa.

So, let’s see the details of Jack Pit’s characteristics below!

  • Appearance

If we talk about a crossbreed, it will be a bit hard to predict how exactly this dog will be. Certainly, you may hope between its parents that it is commonly a small to medium-sized pet. But, the appearance of Jack Pit will also depend on what breed will mostly influence the dog.

In the case where the Jack Russell Terrier wins genetically and is expected to be a smaller hybrid. On the contrary, the result may be significantly bigger. A lot of people find that the Pit Bull Terrier is an aggressive-looking breed.

  • Size

Just like other mixed dogs, the size of the Jack Pit will also vary a lot. You need to understand that a hybrid between a Jack Russell and Pitbull Terrier is not a large dog at all. On average, the Jack Pit will commonly grow to approximately 15 inches tall and weigh between 30-50lbs. For females, they may be a bit smaller.

Moreover, it is also related to whether the Jack Pit takes mmore physical genes from Jack Russell Terrier or Pitbull Terrier. That’s a 50/50 chance with crossbreeds.

  • Habit

Jack Pits are energetic and trainable dogs where they will need more exercise. Of course, one important thing you must have around your home is a yard. They may feel really suppressed if he does not have space to discharge his energy and exercise.  The worst thing, they may go mad without land to dig.

One thing you need to avoid is to let him sleep or spend a lot of time, especially when you live in cold and hot places. In this case, the Pitbull Terrier will be terrible at adapting to extreme weather.

You need to know that the Jack Pit will not easily accept apartment living, as the space for discharging his energy is limited. So, make sure to give them an acceptably-sized house with a yard.

  • Temperament

The Jack Pits are a perfectly friendly dog breed with their family and strangers. So, it will be great for you who want a dog with unconditional love. Otherwise, if you need a protective dog, don’t choose this breed.

The Jack Pit can sometimes be highly aggressive with other dogs, sometimes they are not. On the other side, Jack Russell Terriers still keep their fox hunting spirit. They may also still attack small animals if they want.

That’s why you have to socialize your Jack Pit from a very young age to train them until they fully accept other dogs around.

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