What Percentage of Service Dogs Are Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are able to be a service dog. But, what percentage of service dogs are pit bulls? As we know that this dog is strong, but this dog is also independent and has temperament. So, let’s find out the explanation about it here.

What Percentage of Service Dogs are Pit Bulls?

I tried to search the information about what percentage of service dogs pit bulls are, but I could not find the information about it. However, I found information that pit bulls can be a service dog. Nevertheless, this dog is not the top dog to be a service dog.

A service dog needs to have the characteristics of service dogs as you are able to read the explanation below.

What Percentage of Service Dogs Are Pit Bulls

Some Characteristics of Service Dogs

There are some characteristics that a service dog needs to have as you are able to read below according to Labrador Training HQ.

  • A service dog has to be intelligent and trainable. It is because a service dog will be asked to complete complex tasks. The dog also needs to be trained so that it can complete a variety of complex tasks.
  • A service dog has to be friendly and calm. It is because a service dog will get access to public spaces where other dogs cannot go. Those public spaces include shopping centers, restaurants and airplanes. In those spaces, the dog will find children and many more people so that the dog needs to be friendly and calm where it will not attack or get angry when seeing them.
  • A service dog needs to be clean. It is because a service dog will be around its owner almost 24/7 and a service dog will follow where their owners go. If the dog shed a lot of hair, it will not make good service because it can bring a lot of mess into the owner’s space and the others’ spaces that they visit together with their owner.
  • A service dog needs to have a strong work ethic. Even though a service dog will not work all the time and they need to stop for eating, playing and take a rest, a service dog is able to be required to work quite long hours. For example, a service dog accompany its owner to work and it must be switched on all the time. So, a service dog which enjoys work and finds completing tasks fulfilling and stimulating is the best service dog. However, if the dog looks lazy and even yawns when you ask it to do something, then it may not be a good service dog.
  • A service dog will build strong bonds with the owner. A service dog will spend a lot of time with its owner and the owner will also be dependent on the dog to complete some basic tasks. So, a service dog will form strong bonds with its owner. Besides, the dog will develop loving and protective demeanors. If a service dog has this attitude, then it is a good service dog.

A Number Of Best Service Dog Breeds

According to Labrador Training HQ, there are 10 best service dog breeds and they are listed below.

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Golden Retriever
  • German Shepherd
  • Poodle
  • Border Collie
  • Great Dane
  • Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Bloodhound
  • Boxers
  • Pomeranian

Pit Bull as a Service Dog

As you are able to see from the list above, there is no pit bull in the list. However, it does not mean that a pit bull cannot be a service dog. According to Epic Pet Club, pit bulls can be a service dog because these dogs have these characteristics.

  • Pit Bulls Have a Large Size

Pit Bulls are large dogs where they are around 18 to 20 inches tall and they weigh around 30 to 80 pounds. With the large size that they have, pit bulls can do tasks easily. They are also not afraid of going out in the public. They are also tall so that they can reach the switch on the wall and they can fetch other items for you.

  • Pit Bulls Have Strength

Pit Bulls are able to do tasks easily. A heavy item is able to be lifted by a pit bull and with the strength that they have, it is able to prevent him from falling. The strength of a pit bull also can be used to move wheelchairs without any difficulty.

  • Friendly with Kids

Pit bulls are very friendly with kids and they will not only help you in all the physical activities, but also it will get along with kids at your home and it will take care of them.

  • Having Loyalty and Dedication

Pit bulls are loyal and they have a natural instinct to protect their owner. Also, they are dedicated to serving their owners. They will be able to take care of all your needs and they are very obedient. Besides, they also have a strong intuition. They are able to sense a possible threat or danger and they will protect their owner.

  • Low Maintenance

Pit bulls are low maintenance because they do not need a lot of grooming, care and pampering.

Nevertheless, there are some downsides of pit bulls as a service dog as also explained on Epic Pet Club.

  • Pit bulls are  not able to be trained as service dogs because there are laws at certain places which ban the keeping of a pit bull as a pet at home.
  • There are a lot of public places which do not permit pit bulls to get into their areas even though you keep a pit bull at home.
  • Pit bulls are reactive and they have temperament issues.
  • Pit bulls are independent. Sometimes, they may not react well to you when you are trying to look for help.
  • Pit bulls are not able to be trained properly. Trainers have made an observation that it is hard to train a pit bull as a service dog if compared with other breeds such as golden retriever, labrador or a german shepherd.

It is important for you to note that if you are a muslim, you are not permitted to have a dog. However, you are able to have it if the aim is for hunting and guarding your crops and livestock.

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