Presa Canario vs. Pitbull

Presa Canario and Pitbull have different physical appearance. If you have a plan for adopting or buying one of those breed, it is better for you to know their facts first including their temperament, training, how to take care, and many others. So, in this article, we are going to compare between Presa Canario vs Pitbull. Let’s begin with Presa Canario first.

Presa Canario, which is also called as Perro de Presa Canario, Dogo Canario, Canary Dog or Presa, is a dog that has a powerful, square head which is nearly as wide as it is long. They has a broad muzzle and their chest is deep and broad as well. Their rump is slightly raised and their ears are cropped. Then, they has thick skin, powerful muscles, dense bones and a massive head with a big jaw. When they are grown up, they can reach up to 80 to 100 pounds in weight and 21 to 25 inches in height. Their lifespan is about 9 to 11 years and it is okay for them to live in apartment but usually they will be inactive indoors. How about their temperament? This breed is categorized into an affectionate dog. They can be great family protectors and also they are bred to be family companions and also guardians. They will be very alert and ready to defend their owner of property if necessary. Even though they are generally quiet but they have a very intimidating bark. For exercise, you can take them on a daily long walk.

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How about Pitbull? American Pitbull Terrier which is also called as Pitbull, Pit Terrier, Bull Baiter Dogs or Rebel Terrier, is a dog which is very muscular, stocky, yet agile. They have ears that are round and their tail is tapers to a point. Besides, they also have brick-like head which is broad between the cheeks which is carried upon a thickly muscled, well-defined neck. Their neck also run into a deep, thick, well-sprung chest. Their eyes are are round and their teeth should form a scissors bite. They have 14 to 24 inches in height and 22 to 78 pounds in weight when they are grown up. Their lifespan is about 12 years and they can live in an apartment if they are sufficiently exercised. However, they are also very active indoors and will do alright if you do not have a yard for providing them as long as they get enough exercise. For exercise, they have to do a lot of regular exercise and need to be taken on long daily walks. How about their temperament? They have natural aggressive which tends to be done toward other dogs and animals, not people. However, they will not be aggressive if they are properly socialized with a firm but calm, confident, and consistent pack leader. They are a good-natured, amusing, loyal and also affectionate family pet which is also good with kids and adults. The most of them are usually obedient which is always eager to please their master.

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