Pitbull Ear Cropping Styles

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If you have a Pitbull and you want your dog to look extra ordinary, then you might want to crop the ears of your dog. Ear cropping is so popular for this kind of dog. However, you have to make sure that the procedure is done properly and safely. In order to make sure you get the good results you want, please keep your dog safe and comfortable.

When should you have done ear cropping? When is the best Pitbull ear cropping age? Some people think that the ears of the dog will only stand up if they are cropped as the puppy. This opinion is completely not true. In fact, the ears of the dog will stand up regardless of when they are cropped. It means that you can actually get the ears of your dog cropped at any age if you really want to. Before doing this kind of thing to your dog, you have to keep in mind that it is more traumatic and painful surgery for the older dogs. To prevent the worst thing, some breeders and vets recommend you to get the procedure done between 7 and 12 weeks of age. In addition, some vets also may refuse to crop the ears of the dog at the particular weight. Apparently, the average cut off weight range from 15 to 20 pounds.

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There are some ear crop styles. The first one is show crop. This one is the most popular one for Pitbull as it gives the general look of alertness. The second one is short crop. This one is the most recommended for this kind of dog because the crop is the combination of show crop and the battle crop. The third one is battle crop. Nowadays, this one is the most popular crop. If you are interested in this kind of crop, please remember that there will be a problem with this one which is the ears of your dog will be susceptible to infection. In this case, you have to make sure that you always clean it and use the vet prescribed antibiotic tablets. Before you go looking for a vet, it is better for you to choose the Pitbull ear crop style first because some vets will only perform one style of crop.

If you are really sure with your decision to crop the ears of your Pitbull, then it is time for you to choose the vet. As ear cropping can determine how your dog looks for the rest of their life, you have to find the best vet. To find one, it is better for you to ask the breeders as most of them probably know the best vet at this type of procedure.

How much does it cost to crop the ears of Pitbull? On average, you can spend from $150 to more than $600. Do not forget that the more expensive vet does not mean you will get the better crop. The good price for the good crop is probably about $250.

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