Purebred Pitbull Price

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For those who are looking for information about the price of Purebred Pitbull, you are at the right page. Here we are going to inform you of the Purebred Pitbull price. Also, we are going to explain some information related to some factors that affect the price of a Pitbull.

Price of Purebred Pitbull

How much are Pitbull Puppies? Based on the research, a Pitbull puppy price from a reputable breeder averages from $2100 to $21,000. Those are puppies that come from prestigious lines. But, it is possible for you to find Pitbull puppies that cost from $810 to $1,100.

Purebred Pitbull Price

Factors affect the price of a Pitbull

You are going to find that there are some considerations when it comes to the price of a Pitbull. Let us take a look.

  • Gender

Usually, female Pitbull dogs are pricier. The reason is that if you breed the dog, then you are also going to have puppies. So, you get a mother dog and any potential puppies she may have. On the other hand, with a male dog, you will only have him and no puppies. Also, you have to know that if you are looking for a stud dog, then you’ are going to be paying a very high price, no matter the dog’s gender.

  • Physical characteristics

Also, genes may determine the price of a Pitbull. If you want a Pitbull dog with excellent physical characteristics, this will make the Pitbull price more expensive. Keep in mind that the more you pay for the Pitbull, the better your dog’s pedigree. If you select to purchase a Red Nose or a Bluenose Pitbull, expect to pay the higher prices. These Pitbulls are rare and unusual, so it makes them more expensive. Aside from that, the breeders will charge more for Pitbulls that are built stronger or that stand taller.

  • Puppy vs adult

Usually, puppies are less expensive than adult dogs. If you prefer a big Pibull dog, then it is going to cost you more expensive.

  • Papers

There are several papers you will want from the breeder, to which you are entitled as the dog’s pet parent.

  • Vaccinations

For example, a rabies shot, this is an important document. Also, your vet will ask you for a copy of the dog’s vaccine record.

  • License

No matter if you purchase your Pitbull dog from a breeder or adopt a dog from a rescue shelter, your fur Pitbull should come with a license. Aside from that, if your puppy is of a high pedigree, the breeder must give you the dog’s papers.

Other Costs Involved with a Pitbull

Like any dog breed, you are going to discover that being a parent to a canine fur puppy comes with additional costs.

  • Health problems

Pitbulls are recognized to suffer from some health problems such as heart problems. Although they may be relatively healthy as puppies and into adulthood, these health problems may come out at any time. For this case, you will need to be prepared to take care of your fur baby, that means taking care of all veterinary costs, etc.

  • Allergies

Also, Pitbulls are known to suffer from allergies. This may include inhalant allergies, sensitivities to chemicals or food, dermatitis and the fleas. If your puppy has a food allergy, you have to change his diet, that can be expensive. If your puppy has a flea allergy, then your puppy may need specialized shampoo and flea treatments. In fact, some Pitbulls do not tolerate flea products. These will cause contact allergies and lead to skin problems such as itchiness, dryness or skin infections. Also, some Pitbulls suffer from allergies to pollen, mites, mold, and dust. These allergens will be able to bring on ear infections, eye infections and more. This is a situation that will last your fur puppy’s lifetime. Your puppy may need to take antihistamines for the rest of his life.

  • Hip issues

Keep in mind that Hip dysplasia is a common health problem in Pitbulls. Sadly, it may occur when the Pitbull is about 2 years old. If your Pitbull has this problem, he will need x-rays a couple of times a year, to see how the joint’s holding up. In some cases, a Pitbull may need surgery and pain medication.

  • Hypothyroidism

This health issue may lead to diabetes, weight gain, and other health issues. It is easy to test for this situation. Also, your fur puppy may need lifelong treatment and monitoring.

  • Grooming

Your fur puppy will need regular grooming to keep her/his coat healthy. Without grooming, your Pitbull dog will be able to develop dandruff, bad shedding and bacterial infections. Regular grooming will keep this issue.

  • Exercise

Pitbulls are energetic dogs. They must have activity throughout the day. In fact, Pitbull dogs who are bored at home alone have been known to become aggressive or tear up the furniture. If you work away from house most of the day, you may want to consider hiring a Pitbull walker. Ideally, they should be experienced and knowledgeable about how to deal with Pitbulls. They are able to take your fur puppy for walks, play with a dog in the yard and more.

  • Diet

You have to know that Pitbull puppies need more protein than adult dogs. Their food must be from natural sources and contain no fillers, artificial colors and preservatives. Also, you may want to steer clear of puppy foods which contain grains such as wheat because it is a common allergen in many dogs. Food for Pitbull puppies need to have enough carbs, fat, and calcium, and contain at least 40 percent protein, 17 percent fat, 30 percent carbs and 2 percent calcium. The amount to feed your puppy depends on his weight and weaning. If your puppy is about 4 weeks old when he begins the weaning process, then he will need more food. When a puppy reaches 12 weeks of age, then he needs to eat up to 6 meals a day. However, he must only be fed a small amount each time.

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