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As fans of Pit Bulls and Parolees show, you may want to know about the casts information. As you know that in this show, there are twins which are the son of Tia. These twins have wives and here is the information about their wives.

Twin Wives Information

Mariah is the wife of Kanani and people refer to as M2 in the TV series. Mariah and Kanani have a son named Luke. There is not much information about Mariah. However, she has an Instagram account named mariahchock_m2. She has more than 46k followers and there areĀ  more than 1.2k posts.

Twin Wives Information

Lizzy is the wife of Keli’i Chock. Lizzy and Keli’i has a son named Nakoa. Since 2016, she is an actress in the show. She likes dogs and is also a mug collector. As explained on Tuko website that the love that she has for dog can be seen in a rescue that she did in a Pit Bulls and Parolees episode after confronting the owner which had abandoned the dog. In the show, when she is not rescuing pit bulls, she usually spends her time with her family and take care of her other dogs. Lizzi has an Instagram account and the name of her Instagram is lizzychock. She has more than 49k followers and there are more than 2k posts on her Instagram.

About Kanani and Keli’i

Kanani is the son of Tia Torres. According to Fame And Name site, he was born in Southern California, United Stated and then he was raised in Hawaii. He was born on April 20th, 1987. Kanani’s nationality is American and Kanani has Caucasian ethnicity. He started his career as a reality star and he made his debut appearance on Pit Bulls & Parolees which aired in the Animal Planet. In the show, he does different projects around the ranch. As explained on All Star Bio, he and his twin are artistic and they are able to play multiple instruments in their show. On his street bike, Kanani also likes to do stunts.

About Kanani and Keli'i1

How about Keli’i? He is the twin of Kanani. Kanani and Keli’i were adopted by Tia Torres when they were still young. In the show, he plays the role of Moe and he is a funny person who has outstanding natural abilities. According to TV Star Bio, Keli’i is more reserved, but his brother, Kanani, is outgoing.

In the Animal Planet site, there is a description about the twin as you are able to read below.

Kanani and Keli’i were adopted by Tia. They provide the comic relief around the ranch and also they have their natural ability to work with the most difficult dogs. They both experienced a tough time growing up. During an opportunity meeting at school, Mariah, the younger daughter of Tia, befriended them. When life at home was difficult, they started to spend more time at the ranch and there they worked on weekends and helped out with various projects.

Kanani and Keli’i have a big pit bull. The name of their pit bull is Monster and this pit bull travels with them everywhere. They are major animal lovers and they are also multi-talented in their artwork. They love drawing and painting. Some instruments are also able to be played by them and even they formed their own mini band. Nevertheless, their passion is motorcycles. Kanani likes his street bike and does an extreme sport named stunting. When the off season, they like snowboarding. They are able to do that on the slopes.

About Tia Torres

It is explained on the Animal Planet website that Tia Torres grew up in Southern California. She experienced a tumultuous childhood. She started to take in neighborhood dogs and stray cats when she was young. She was raised by her stepmother and they love animals. Together, they fought for keeping the family which included horses.

At that time, their life was tough financially and physically. However, her stepmother raised her and took care of the animals on her own. Tia lived without a father figure, but her mother showed her that if you have the loyalty of an animal companion, you do not need much else.

When Tia was 17 years old, she left home. At that time, there were entourage of pets such as an Angora goat, two Arabian horses, and her Catahoula Leopard Dog – Cougar. They moved from one place to another place together.

Years later, Tia registered in the Army and she was a truck driver. After she completed her service, then she was hired by the City of Los Angeles as a youth gang counselor. Something that made Tia interested was working with those who walked a fine line between the law and breaking it. This job made her taken into the housing projects and drug houses that would lead her into a career of working with parolees.

After some time, her love for animals would come full circle. There was a chance meeting at a Los Angeles Animal Shelter that would begin her love affair with Pit Bulls. There was a small dog which had been confiscated from the scene of a double homicide/ drug deal gone bad. Tia watched when animal control officers walked the muscular female pit bull into the shelter. When they were putting her into a kennel, the dog slipped out of her lead and started racing through the shelter and made a beeline for Tia’s and then Tania and Mariah.

Villalobos Rescue Center is a center which was founded by Tia. VRC firstly was a wolf and wolf hybrid rescue and that time, but “Tatanka’ was the beginning of the Pit Bull rescue.

Tia and the Los Angeles City Animal Services teamed up to make “The Pit Bull Support Group”. It was a free service which was offered to anyone who had a Pit Bull or Pit mix where they provided spay/neuter assistance, training classes, and anything and everything related to Pit Bulls.

Now, Villalobos Rescue Center has a website where people can use it to access information about this center and pit bulls.

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