Uncropped French Bulldog with Tail

When you think of a French Bulldog, you often describe the snuffle nose on their face, the big eyes, and the adorable snorts that he makes when he is playing with his toys. But, often overlooked, yet important to his body is his tail. You have to understand his tail’s characteristics to take proper care of him.

In terms of what you have to know about your French Bulldog’s tail, there are a few details to learn and remember about his tail. These include where it comes from historically, what it looks like, and how to recognize health and tail issues so that he stays healthy and happy.

Uncropped French Bulldog with Tail

Are French Bulldog Tails Cropped?

No, French Bulldogs’ tails are not cropped. French Bulldogs are born with short and stumpy tails. This is because French Bulldogs have been bred with other short-tailed dogs. While there are some other tail types, including a knot, screw-shaped or tapered, all French Bulldogs’ tails are still short. It is thought that this is from the early days of breeding.

If you have a French Bulldogs whose tail does look like it has been modified, a trip to the veterinarian will tell you for sure. If they find it, you have to contact the local animal authorities in your area to report the breeder. So, even though they frequently look as though they have been chopped off, your French Bulldog has not had any malicious hacks made to their little tushies.

Can French Bulldogs Wag Their Tails?

No, French Bulldogs cannot wag their tails. There is not enough of a tail to wag. To show their happiness, usually French Bulldogs wag their whole butts instead. When they are happy, they are going to run around wiggling their bums. Except for a few French Bulldogs that have a bit of a longer tail. Adorable and hilarious, it is a loveable feature of this dog breed. Of course, they are going to give you other signs that they are happy, too, such as snuffling and snorting as well as other body language cues.

French Bulldogs’ Tails Types

Apparently, there are three main types of French Bulldogs’ tails.

  1. French Bulldog Screw Tail
    A common one to find on the sites of dog breeds, is a Frenchie Bulldog screw tail. This type of tail waves from left to right and back, more commonly right to left and then back to right again. It forms an s or a screw. These tails are famous with the breeders. But screw tails are considered to be painful for French Bulldogs. Whether the screw is tight or a bit loose for a smooth curve, a screw tail brings pain for French Bulldogs due to the health issues that it usually brings along with it.
  2. French Bulldog Long Tail
    If you ever see the classic French Bulldog, you are going to see that they have got a longer tail. The length itself will vary, but most of them were about 7.62 – 12.7cm. Over time and breeding, the length shortened to the French Bulldog long tail which is now almost 5 cm. This tail is frequently thick at its root and then thin at its end. Usually, it will tilt down like a standard tail you see on a pooch.
  3. French Bulldog Straight Tail
    The preferred French Bulldog tail by the American Kennel Club and other famous breeding overseers is the French Bulldog straight tail. This sounds like its historical tail. However, it is shorter. To our human eyes, it looks like the French Bulldog has his tail swooped into a bun. The tail is considered knobby. It is thought that it is the most comfortable for French Bulldogs as far as pain and health conditions. The knob size itself varies from puppy to puppy.

What Is a French Bulldog Tail Pocket?

Have you ever heard about the term “tail pocket” and wondered what it is? It is a small pocket that forms under the French Bulldog’s tail and it often can hold all sorts of stuff. Keep in mind that not all French Bulldogs have tail pockets. But it is a common characteristic of French Bulldogs. Some dogs have simple, almost invisible little indentations under their tail. Other dogs have rather deep pouches which can be tricky to keep clean. While abnormal, a pocket is nothing to be shy about, and having one or not having one does not make your French Bulldog any more or less lovable.

French Bulldog Tail Problems

French Bulldogs are able to be prone to health problems that are connected to either their tail form or their tail pocket. Knowing about these problems, and watching for any signs of problems will assist you to make the most out of your dog’s quality of life.

  • Hemivertebrae
    This health problem is most commonly associated with a French Bulldog screw tail, which is one of the reasons why many professionals like this tail type. While hemivertebrae can be a problem with French Bulldogs that have straight tails, the likelihood, aside genetics, is thought to be lower. This can occur early in a puppy’s life, or later as he grows into a dog. This is a really serious condition because it can lead to problems with mobility or even limb paralysis, incontinence, and more.
  • Tail Pocket Infection
    Another common health problem for your French Bulldog’s tail is in his pocket. Even with proper care of his pocket, you may have to deal with an infection of your French Bulldog’s pocket at some point. Usually, French Bulldog tail pocket infections are able to come from all sorts of causes. Famous ones include droppings, bits of grass, pollen or dirt, and even a moisture build-up which leads to an infection on its own. Some symptoms of an infection include swelling and redness around the dog’s tail and its pocket. Also, the area may be itchy and dry. An infection can be excruciating for the dog. You have to take your dog to the veterinarian for an assessment and a series of antibiotics to clear it up.

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