Black Cane Corso with Blue Eyes

Have you ever seen a black Cane Corso with blue eyes? You may imagine that a black Cane Corso with blue eyes is cool. Moreover, they have a sturdy look. Sturdy look, black coat and blue eyes will create a good combination. When you find a black cane corso with blue eyes or any other color of Cane Corso with blue eyes, you may think that they will stay like that until they become adults. Hold your excitement, because there are some facts that you need to know about it.

Blue Eyes in Black Cane Corso or Any Other Color of Cane Corso

According to the Paw Leaks site, if you see a Cane Corso puppy’s eyes are blue, they will not stay the same when they are adults. It is because the blue eyes of the puppy will dilute and change color within a couple of weeks of months. When they are adults, the color of their blue eyes will change into brown.

Black Cane Corso with Blue Eyes

On the Cane Corso Pets site, it is also explained that all puppies of Cane Corso may have blue eyes in the beginning. However, their eyes will change to various shades of Brown, Amber, or Gold when they are adults. You may see the puppy’s eyes are almost completely closed during the first two weeks of their lives. Cane Corso with blue eyes may be seen beautiful for you, but it will not last forever. On the Cane Corso Pets site, it is explained that it is a misconception if you think that their blue eyes will stay forever. Another misconception about Cane Corso blue eyes is that grey Cane Corso have blue eyes. The fact is that the puppies of grey Cane Corsos have blue eyes, but at the end they will change to brown. Grey Cane Corso’s eyes can be such a light shade of brown which almost looks greyish where people are sometimes mistaken by considering it as a blue color.

You may wonder at what age Cane Corso’s eyes change color. According to the Cane Corso Pets site, Cane Corso puppies are born with blue eyes. The reason is because the pigment melanin in their irises is not yet fully developed. Their actual eye color will slowly be seen about four to five weeks after their birth. When they are around three months old, the color of their eyes will completely change. When the puppies are around three months old, the whole process of pigment development usually ends. However, in some cases, it can take around six months.

Can Cane Corso puppies with blue eyes hold their blue eyes forever? The other breeds such as Border Collies, Siberian Huskies, and Australian Shepherd can have blue eyes when they grow up. However, Cane Corsos will not be able to retain their blue eyes forever and the chances of Cane Corso to keep their blue eyes is one in a million as explained on the Cane Corso Pets site.

Let’s say that Cane Corso’s eyes stay blue forever. If it happens, it may be a genetic abnormality. On Cane Corso Pets, it is also described that according to the AKC’s breed standard, it is considered that blue eyes are a disqualifying factor for Cane Corso that compete in dog shows.

Breeder Scam About Blue Eyes Cane Corso

It seems that there are a lot of people who are looking for Cane Corso with blue eyes. As explained on the Cane Corso Pets site, according to Google, keyword with ‘blue-eyed Cane Corso for sale’ is searched between 1 thousand to 10 thousand times every month. So, there are a lot of scam breeders who take advantage of this thing to pump up the price of the puppies that they sell. They claim that they have Cane Corso with blue eyes, but actually not. So, it is important for you to be careful with this kind of breeder. Usually, those scammers will collect deposits in a large number for puppies and then they will disappear and they do not send the puppy to the customers who have paid the deposits.

The Standard of Cane Corso Eye Color and the Disqualifying Eye Colors

The Standard of Cane Corso Eye Color and the Disqualifying Eye Colors

According to the American Kennel Club which is explained on the Cane Corso Pets site, the standard for the eye color of Cane Corso is brown and if they are darker, it is better.

Cited from Cane Corso Pets site, the AKC standard looks at the shape of eye before the color of eye where they state that the eyes must be medium, round, and sort of almond-shaped but not bulging and the haw should be visible. The AKC also states that blue and yellow are disqualifying eye colors.

About Black Cane Corso

Black Cane Corso is one of the most sought-after. Cane Corso with this color also often occurs in the Cane Corso breed. A pigment known as melanin produces the solid black color and it is genetically dominant in the Cane Corso as described on the Spirit Dog Training site.

It can be tricky to find a black Cane Corso that meets the AKC breed standard. It is because they are prone to having wrong coats. On the Spirit Dog Training, it is described that the undercoat of the Black Cane Corso is often less dense than the coats of other colors. Furthermore, it  is also explained that the black Cane Corso is more susceptible to overheating and it may be because black absorbs heat more easily.

As explained on the Paw Leaks site that black is a dominant gene which means that:

  • If there are two black Cane Corso which are bred, they will produce black or gray puppies unless they also bring the recessive red or fawn gene.
  • Let’s say that one of your potential puppy’s parents is solid black. If so, the chances are high that the dog will turn to be black as well.
  • Let’s say that one parent is black and the other is some variation of red or fawn. If so, the puppy could turn to be red or fawn or brindle, if the black parent brings the recessive gene.
  • Two red or fawn Cane Corso will always generate red or fawn puppies.

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