Cane Corso: Why Crop Ears?

The appearance of a Cane Corso’s ears will depend on whether the dog’s ears have been cropped or not. The cropped Cane Corso will look more alert and fiercer, ready for battle. Also, cropped ears increase this breed’s impressive looks.

Cane Corso Ear Cropping – What Is It?

The process of having a veterinarian surgically shorten a dog’s outer ears, although controversial, is a simple ‘cosmetic procedure’ where the floppy parts of a dog’s ears (a longer part of the cartilaginous tissue named the ‘Pinna’) are cut and then taped together or stitched for some weeks.

This is a non-invasive procedure, unlike spaying for female dogs or neutering for male dogs. If performed by a licensed and skilled veterinarian, the aftercare is extremely simple. Taping and splinting are not necessary, only salve is applied to the edge of the ear until the stitches come out on their own, usually it happens in about a week to a week and a half. After the dog’s ears heal, they will be able to stand upright on their own.

Usually, ear cropping is performed under anesthesia when the dog is approximately 6 to 12 weeks of age. Because they are really young when the procedure is performed, they typically go right back to being themselves the very next day.

Cane Corso Why Crop Ears

Why Do People Choose to Crop Cane Corso’s Ears?

Cutting the nails of dogs is quite common and understandable, as long as you know you are able to walk your dog afterwards. But, what about ear cropping? There are some reasons why you would want to crop your Cane Corso’s ears.

Here are some reasons for cropping a Cane Corso’s ears:

  1. The Look

It has long been a characteristic of Cane Corso breed tradition to crop their ears since they originated back in ancient Italy. At this time, one of the main reasons why the dog lovers select to snip their Corso’s ears or tail is for cosmetic reasons to make them appear more threatening. There is a particular authority about a dog with upright ears which makes you think twice about approaching it. This is the most interesting aspect of having a dog with cropped ears. It always looks like it is ready for a fight.

  1. Better Hearing

Several people make their Cane Corso dogs do ear cropping because they believe the procedure will allow the dog to hear better. Also, these people believe that in nature, there is no dog with floppy ears that cover the ear canal from air and light, unlike the many man-made breeds of dogs made over time through cross-breeding. They presume that ear cropping will re-establish a naturally functional erect ear. But this has not been proven to be a fact.

  1. Preventing Ear Infections and Injuries.

Several people claim that having a Cane Corso dog’s ears cropped will prevent infections and injuries. Also, they claim that it will significantly reduce the risk of the puppy developing ear infections which arise from bites by ticks or mites. Typically, ear wounds are not life-threatening to a dog. They are able to be stitched up easily, and ear infections are able to be kept in check with antibiotic treatments.

However, ear wounds are able to leave a scar, even if the stitching is done correctly by a licensed vet. Blood flow via the ear can become weakened, resulting in improper healing and partial loss of the ear. Chronic ear infections are able to be persistent, recurring, and really painful for the dog, leading to permanent hearing loss.

Several people believe that eliminating floppy ears which cover the ear canal results in having a happy and healthy dog that will not be prone to infections and injuries. Leaving the dog’s ear open to any insect which might end up crawling into the ear canal can lead to infections too. But, if the dog is not subjected to dog fights, or has an overall peaceful home life, this can be avoided with proper routine care and hygiene.

Cane Corso Ear Cropping – Is It Common to See?

The Cane Corso dog is recognized to be a gentle giant toward those it loves. This is one of distinct Italian Mastiff breeds that have descended from ancient Roman war dogs. Historically, the Cane Corso dog’s bloodlines are able to be traced back to ancient times in Italy where it was bred to act as a war dog or a guard dog.

When translated from Italian, the name of Cane Corso literally means guard dog or protector dog. Naturally, all dogs utilize their tail and ears for communication, balance, and tracking. Early on in their history, the Cane Corso dogs were used as working dogs, so they required their ears and tail intact to be able to do their jobs well. So, no, it does not make much sense to crop a Cane Corso puppy’s ears.

But it is fairly common for Cane Corso owners to dock their puppy’s tail, so you are going to encounter ones with short tails. The reason for this is convenience and maneuverability in household environments. Predominantly, a tail of Cane Corso dog was docked to prevent damage to its tail while working, or in certain situations, to stop the intruders from being able to grab its tail and gain an advantage.

Cane Corso Ear Cropping in Adulthood

Usually, a dog’s ears are cropped between 6 to 12 weeks of age. Several people assume that the ears will not stand up if the procedure is not performed at a young age. If you already have a fully-grown Cane Corso dog and you are considering whether or not it is possible to have its ears cropped, it is not entirely impossible. The fact remains that several veterinarians agree to perform an ear crop on grown dogs, while others will not do it after they reach a certain age. It is only a matter of finding the right person willing to do the job. The age of your dog does not seem to be the essential aspect when it comes to ear cropping.

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