Temperament of Cane Corso Dogs

The Cane Corso is a large breed of dog with roots in ancient Rome. Also, it is known as the Cane Corso Italiano, Cane Di Macellaio, or Italian Mastiff. This is an eye-catching breed, tall and muscular with a broad head and square muzzle. The Cane Corso is frequently described as dignified, maintaining a stoical demeanor in keeping with its guard dog heritage. Talking about the Cane Corso dogs, now let us talk about their temperament.

Temperament of the Cane Corso Dogs

The temperament of a Cane Corso dog is confident, brave, protective, alert and loyal. For your information, these fit hunting and herding dogs descend from old Roman Molosser. Their name comes from Cane de Corso, it is an old term for dogs utilized in rural activities, herding cattle and swine. The temperament of Cane Corso dogs made them ideal for guarding livestock, property, and families as well as in war. The Cane Corso is an active, intelligent, large, powerful, and headstrong dog. They love their own family, but do not usually show affection.

The Cane Corso dogs usually want to be near you. But they are not fond of petting and cuddling. The Cane Corso dogs are big, so interactions between these dogs and small children must be supervised. Now, we are going to look at what you can expect from the temperament of Cane Corso from puppyhood through adolescence to adulthood. We are going to share some tips for getting the most out of their personality and helping their behavior to fit in with your lifestyle and family.

Temperament of Cane Corso Dogs

Natural Working Cane Corso Temperament

Since Cane Corso dogs were bred and trained to watch over the humans, they show various traits which are typical of guard dogs. It means that they are very aware and cautious around unfamiliar faces. Also, they have assertive, self-confident, and determined personalities. The Cane Corso dogs are territorial dogs, recognized to be tough and diligent workers. Roman war dogs are their forefathers. In the southern regions of Italy, they were frequently used to hunt wild pigs and other sizable game.

Hunting was not the only thing the Cane Corso was used for. Also, the Cane Corso dogs lived on farms, where they served as guard dogs not only for the owners and their family but also for the livestock. Guarding is a natural instinct of this Cane Corso breed. At this time, the Cane Corso dogs are often used as guard dogs. In addition, tracking is another typical modern duty for Cane Corso dogs.

Typical Cane Corso Temperament

Fans of the Cane Corso are going to them to be wonderful with members of their immediate family. Also, they are very great watchdogs. Proper training is very crucial. This Cane Corso breed can make a stable and reliable companion. But the Cane Corso is naturally possessive, territorial and distrustful of strangers.

Cane Corsos are really sensitive to the slightest signs of danger, disruption, or distress in the household. It will be a bad idea for anyone to challenge a Cane Corso dog or threaten to harm them or their owner in any way. Apparently, the size of the Cane Corso dog does not keep them from being highly energetic and active dogs that thrive on regular exercise. But they do not require extensive exercise like other high energy dogs. They obtain a lot of their exercise from patrolling their home and yard that comes naturally for them.

Are Cane Corso Dogs Easy to Train?

The Cane Corso dog is an intelligent and willing breed. Usually, they are eager to please their owner, which in return makes them quite trainable. Nevertheless, Cane Corso dogs need positive reinforcement training. Remember that you do not use punishment-based techniques, because you are going to come into conflict with your dog. The consistency part of this training is the most crucial, so the positive behavior becomes natural.

Are Cane Corso Dogs Friendly?

The Cane Corso is a very loyal companion. All they want is to please their beloved owner. Over thousands of years, their temperament has been bred into them. There is evidence that these dogs were frequently responsible for babysitting young children in the residential courtyards in Ancient Rome. These Cane Corso dogs adore the children of all ages and play with a natural awareness of their size. Also, a Cane Corso dog can be highly suspicious of new people, and aggressive behavior should never be encouraged. This kind of behavior can still carry on, even after years of training. So, it is unnecessary and not recommended to choose for protection training.

Also, this is a quiet breed that usually barks only when there is a reason to. When a Cane Corso dog becomes alarmed or senses trouble, it will change from a friendly pet into a protective and dangerous animal. But, when an owner takes care to train this breed, they are able to grow up to be protective, loving, trustworthy companions.

Does the Cane Corso Temperament Include Aggression?

Several studies attribute some aggression to the Cane Corso dog. An aggressive dog, no matter the size, can lunge at, bite, or attack another person or dog. Their guarding history makes the temperament of Cane Corso more likely to include aggression than several other breeds where this trait was not selected for.

It is very upsetting to see a Cane Corso, or any type of dog for that matter, act aggressively. If your dog starts to act out, it is crucial to find the cause. To combat this kind of behavior, you have to socialize with them. Please put them in different situations where they are able to interact with other people and dogs with your supervision.

Socializing the Temperament of Cane Corso

Socialization is an absolute requirement to promote a good temperament. Unfortunately, a lot of people are breeding or raising these Cane Corso dogs in irresponsible ways. As a result, the Cane Corso dogs among other dogs can have unstable or aggressive temperaments that can be dangerous.

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