How Much is Tia from Pitbulls and Parolees Worth

Are you one of the viewers of the popular show named Pitbull and Parolees aired by Animal Planet? For those who love to watch the show, you must be familiar with the permanent member, who is also the founder of the Villalobos Rescue Center named Tia Torres.

Tia Torres is really popular, especially among the dog lovers. Not only making appearance on the show, she is also everywhere behind the show. As one of the popular individuals, a lot of people are curious about her worth. Do you also want to know how much her worth?    

Tia from Pitbulls and Parolees Worth

The Net Worth of Tia Torres

While the other starts who appear on the variety shows live in their luxury life, it is not the case for Tia Torres from Pitbulls and Parolees. Despite starring in the most successful TV show about the animal rescue center, she only has an estimated $300,000 net worth. It is actually not surprising because the rescue center that she built named Villalobos Rescue Center is known as a non-profit organization. It means most of her income from the TV show goes to the animal rescue foundation. 

As for Tia Torres’s personal income, there is no specific information about her salary. The clear thing is that she has most of her earnings from the TV show aired by Animal Planet named Pitbulls and Parolees. In addition to that, the income also comes from the adoption fees and donations from well-wishers.

About Tia Torres


  • Full name: Tia Maria Torres
  • Age: 59 years old
  • Date of birth: June 11, 1960
  • Place of birth: Southern California, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 6 feet 1 inch
  • Marital status: Married
  • Career: TV personality and animal rescue activist
  • Husband: Aren Marcus Jackson
  • Children: Tania, Mariah, Keli’l, Kanani

Early life:

Tia Torres was born in Southern California, United States on June 11, 1960. She holds a US citizenship. Her family was middle class and her life was not easy. Her parents decided to take separate ways and her father married another woman. When she was still a kid, her mother left her forever and she was raised by her step mother. Her step mother was so kind to her and Tia considered her to be her role model and the one that was good to be parental figure.     

The information about Tia Torres’s educational background is nowhere to be found, including which schools she attended. As she was raised in Sothern California, it is believed that she attended the schools in that area. The thing that is known is that she was very fond of animals even when she was younger. When she was a little kid, she loved horses. Then, she developed a huge interest to the other animals aside from horses.


As stated before, there is limited information about her biological parents with the exception of these two divorced when Tia Torres was still a child. She considered her step mother as her parental figure and she looked up after her a lot. Her step mother was the one that taught her to keep pets and treat them well. She also said that her step mother was really discipline so she grew up well.

In 1980s, Tia Torres met Aren Marcus Jackson when she was looking for the owner of the dog, who turned out to be Jackson. In 2001, they were reconnected but Jackson was arrested by the police. However, it did not bother their relationship. They decided to be pen pals and they tied the knot after he was released from the prison. As of 2021, they are still married but Jackson is currently behind the bar as he was arrested in 2007 for violating his parole.

There is a rumor of Tia Torres’s another marriage before the one with Aren Marcus Jackson. While it is still unconfirmed, it is believed that she was in a relationship with someone who is the biological father of her first daughter, Tania Torres. It is said that their relationship was ended due to gang involvements, drug dealing and use, and abusiveness.

What about her children? Tia Torres is blessed with a total of four children. The first one is Tania Torres and the second one is Mariah Torres. Aside from these girls, Tia also has two twin sons named Keli’l and Kanani. The last two was adopted by her from Hawaii.  


Tia Torres was in the military. The story began when she was young. Just like any youngblood, she thought that she had to move away from her home to discover her true self. When she turned 17, she left home to look for and help stray animals. She took her pets, including her horse. Her life on the street was not easy and she faced many challenges. Sometimes, she spent nights in her van with them. What’s extreme is that she got involved with a gang. She was involved with police for a couple of times. Apparently, her involvement with the gang did not last as she decided to left it and joined the army. In the army, she became an army truck driver for infantry troops. After spending a total of 6 years in the military, she left and returned to Los Angeles to become a youth gang counsellor.

Tia Torres was part of a program aimed at young gang members. This program was made by Los Angeles City. It was made to help people solving the issues without having to involve violence. When she was part of the program, she would go into gang neighborhoods and speak to the gang members and their parents. She was the one that helped them to find the way out.

After coming back from the military, Tia Torres met a pit bull in an animal shelter named Tanaka. She adopted it. Tanaka was her turning point. It was the one that led her to create Villalobos Rescue Center, which is now known as the largest pit bulls rescue facility in the United States.   

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