Pitbull for Parolees Husband Release

Aren Marcus Jackson, Tia Torres’s husband has been imprisoned since 2007. He was sentenced for over 15 years, meaning he will be released immediately. Then, when was Aren Marcus released? If you look for the accurate information about when Aren Marcus Jackson was released, let’s find out for the news what you are looking for through our post!

When Was Aren Marcus Jackson Released?

The news about the release of Arus Marcus has become a trending topic in early 2020. However, there’s no clear information about when he was released. According to some sources, Aren Marcus’ release date was predicted in the year 2022. But, a lot of sources inform that he will be released in the year 2020.

In this case, you may already know that the good behaviour and new developments in Aren Marcus’ case would have been the cause of his early  release. However, we cannot determine whether it’s real or not.

Because many sources say that he will be released in 2022, of course we can not say when the exact time that Aren Marcus Jackson will be released.

Pitbull for Parolees Husband Release

Why Did Aren Marcus Jackson Go To Jail?

If you attend the Pit Bulls & parolees, you probably already know that Aren Marcus Jackson is not someone who was given hospitality by law. It means that he has a very bad past dealing with the law.

It is said that Aren Marcus Jackson has an early biography where he had a difficult childhood. In fact, before his last sentence which was sentenced to more than 15 years, Aren was arrested several times for various reasons.

Currently, Aren is serving a sentence for a number of actions he committed in 2007 and the previous year. There were at least 11 different crimes that Aren committed in 2007 including attempted murder, violation of parole, car theft, robbery, and also carrying illegal firearms. Those are some of the charges he currently faces.

Even though Aren Marcus Jackson pleads not guilty, but in the end the court found him guilty and sentenced him to 15 years and eight months.However, many fans of Pit Bulls & Parolees trust that Aren, Tia Torres’s husband is indeed innocent. But still the law works properly to judge those who are guilty.

In this regard, we reiterate that we have no direct knowledge of this case. Therefore, we can’t tell you what case Aren Marcus actually faced which led to him being imprisoned for more than 15 years.

Are Aren Marcus Jackson and Tia Torres Still Together?

If you are a fan of Pit Bulls & Parolees, you may be wondering whether Tia and Aren are still together or not. As there are a few sources informing that Tia once said that she and Aren are no longer together. However, there’s no official announcement that confirms their divorce.

It’s said that Tia and Aren stayed together for less than a year before they should separate again. It happened once Aren got arrested again, back in September 2007.

According to some sources, Tia finally filed for divorce from Aren. Of course, from the point of view of many people, especially women, the decision Tia made was not bad, considering that she had served a fairly long sentence. Tia also emphasized in an interview that her marriage to Aren ended many years ago.

As a throwback, Tia Torres and Aren Marcus Jackson met while they were in prison. He was imprisoned at the time in 1980 for committing a series of different crimes. At that time, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Meanwhile, Tia is imprisoned while in the process of finding the owner of one of the Pitbulls she saved.

It turned out that after tracking the owner of the missing dog, it was found that the owner of the dog was none other than Aren Marcus Jackson. This is their first time meeting. Even though her lover is in prison, Tia still chose to love him and they started to date once Aren got out of prison.

A year after they started dating, they finally got married. Tia has remained by his side all this time, even with the type of life that Aren leads which certainly cannot be separated from the spotlight of the law.

Tia’s decision to marry and choose to stay with Aren cannot be separated from the fact that she understands the difficulties that Aren faced in his childhood. This is because Tia also turned out to have a very difficult childhood to live with. With Aren, Tia finally gets a second chance in her life.

Tia once revealed that her parents separated when she was very young. After separating, she might also find the reality where she had to lose her mother forever.

After the death of her mother, she eventually lived with her father and was raised by her stepmother. By the time she reached the age of 17, Tia was out of the house and trying to live independently. She left the house with her pet.

What Happened to Aren Marcus Jackson When Childhood?

In fact, a lot of sources informed that Aren had a tumultuous childhood. It is said that he was a very stubborn child. Aren was born and raised in the United States, but there’s no further information about his birthday. However, there’s information about his education background where Aren might have attended high school, but it isn’t known if Aren also attended college.

Known, Aren has been having constant loggerheads with the law since his childhood. It means that his case never stopped even in his adult age. He has been arrested for many crimes in the past including stealing cards, violating parole, possession of illegal firearms and many more.

The number of bad events that Aren faced when he was a child, of course this had an impact on his psyche where he could not control himself to do things that harmed others and was wrong before the law. Of course this happened because of the lack of parental love and also the environment that seemed to support him to make mistakes.

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