Tania from Pitbulls and Parolees

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If you like watching Pitbulls and Parolees on Animal Planet, you will be very familiar with Tania. Tania Torres is a daughter of Tia Torres who operates Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans. Before she is popular, exactly when she was teen, she traveled the world to help animal trainers in the industry of film and was surrounded by exotic animals from a young age. She owns three dogs of her own. Those are Bluie which is a pit bull, a French bulldog and also an English bull terrier and those were all rescues from Villalobos.

She is not an only daughter. She has twin brothers named Kanani and Keli’i and also a sister named Mariah. A woman who was born in May, 1985 in California, grew up to be a confident and strong young lady. In her life, she really loves her dogs, tattoos, truck, husband Perry Sanchez and also her daughter, Salem-Wolf. She got married with Perry Sanchez in 2016. The wedding was very beautiful but unique, from the black wedding dress and quirky engagement ring, to wedding vows that they wrote for each other. Then, she was pregnant and the baby was born in February, 2017. She, her husband and her daughter live in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Tania from Pitbulls and Parolees
Now, let’s talk about her early life and career. She worked as an assistant animal trainer in the industry of film when she was a teenager. There, she was surrounded by exotic animals from a young age. She has been to different places like the jungles of Costa Rica and Mongolian desert with a pack of wolves. Then, she had a very active role at the ranch, administering canine medication to hundreds of dogs at Villalobos. Besides being popular on Pit Bull and Parolees, she is also know for her work on Dirty Jokes the Movie (2008), Face 2 Face (2011) and Candid Conversations.

Who is her father? He father was from California and he was a member of gang who are in and out of jail and shot during a drug deal gone bad when she was a child. He then became paralyzed and died because of the paralysis. How about her mother? Her mother is Tia Torres who is a founder of Villalobos Rescue Center which rescues and provides shelter for pit bulls. Tia Torres has four children which consist of two biological daughters namely Tania and Mariah and also two adopted sons namely Kanani and Keli’i. Tia Torres was born in 1960 in Southern California, USA. She really loves four-legged animals since she was at a young age. She took a lot of pets when she left home at age 17. Then, she got married to Aren Marcus Jackson in 2006 and it happened shortly after he released from prison. In the early years of her, Tia worked as a driver of truck and also served in the USA army. After she left the army, the she was appointed as a youth gang counselor. Several years later, she founded animal rescue center named Villalobos Rescue Center. Because of her heroic act in rescuing neglected and abandoned dogs, Tia was dubbed as one of the Most Important People by a popular magazine.

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