Where is Dr Kristen From Pitbulls and Parolees

Pit Bulls & Parolees fans may already be familiar with Dr. Kristen, a veterinarian who dedicates  to giving amazing medical treatment for animals especially dogs. Surely, she often appears in the Pit Bulls & Parolees show when Tia Torres or other casts really need her help in treating and recovering the dogs.

Of course, there are a lot of dogs which have been recovered from the previously poor condition with the help of Dr. Kristen. As  there are very few Pit Bulls & Parolees episodes featuring Dr. Kristen, of course many fans are wondering if she is no longer a special vet for Villalobos Rescue Center or still. Find out the true fact about Dr. Kristen in our post below!

What Is Dr. Kristen Job?

Dr. Kristen is a veterinarian and owner of Cypress Lake Animal Hospital. It means that she still works in Cypress Lake Animal Hospital who helps in giving the pets’ medicine and also recovery.

Cypress Lake Animal Hospital

The Cypress Lake Animal Hospital is a kind of animal facility where clients will go to enjoy high quality, progressive veterinary medicine in a  cozy and  friendly environment. The staff go above and beyond to offer exceptional care while always considering the best interests for both their patients and owners.

They provide services ranging from routine check-ups and vaccinations to treatment for complex medical and surgical cases. The Cypress Lake Animal Hospital has become the trusted veterinary hospital of Villalobos Rescue Center. So, it does not wonder if something wrong happened to the dogs under Villalobos’ care, they will be recovered under Dr. Kristen at The Cypress Lake Animal Hospital.

The Cypress Animal Lake Hospital is located at 38316 Hwy 929 Prairieville, LA 70769, United States. This animal hospital operates from Monday to Saturday. People who need help in recovering their pets can contact Cypress Animal Lake Hospital by making a call (225)313-3057 or facsimile (225)313-4309 or sending them an email to kristen@cypresslakeanimalhospital.com.

If you need more information about Cypress Lake Animal Hospital, you can visit the official site here

Who Is Dr. Kristen?

Dr, Kristen Kulinski

Dr, Kristen Kulinski is a veterinarian who graduated from LSU School of Veterinary Medicine in 2016. She won the Schering Plough Internal Medicine Student of the Year Award. Dr, Kristen also has a M.S. in Animal Science (Equine Physiology and Endocrinology) from LSU in 2000 and two B.S. degrees (Biology and Psychology) from the University of Virginia in 1997.

Dr. Kristen’s interests include small animal soft tissues and orthopedic surgery and emergency medicine/surgery. She worked at numerous emergency clinics and in a referral hospital before starting the clinic with Dr. Lambert in June of 2010.

Dr. Kristem grew up in northern Virginia. Riding and showing horses in hunter/jumper competitions is one of her achievements. She then moved south for graduate school and has never left. Dr. Kristen now lives with her fiance Rhett Mouton (3rd year veterinary students) and her 6 dogs and 6 cats. She also takes the time to ride and show her two horses in her spare time.

Now, Dr. Kristen is the Cypress Lake Animal Hospital owner who offers the progressive veterinary medicine for the pets which need recovery.

Here are the additional information about Dr. Kristen:


  • Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery
  • Emergency and critical care medicine/surgery

Employment Experience:


  • Company Name: Cypress Lake Animal Hospital
  • Time Period:  Jun 2010 – Present
  • Length of work:  11 years
  • Location:  Prairieville, LA

Associate Emergency Veterinary

  • Company Name: Sherwood South Emergency And Critical Care Center
  • Time Period:  Mei 2011 – Apr 2012
  • Length of work:  1 year
  • Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana Area

Associate Veterinarian

  • Company Name: Riverlands Animal and Emergency Hospital
  • Time Period: Jun 2006 – Mei 2011
  • Length of work: 5 years
  • Location: LaPlace, Los Angeles


Louisiana State University

  • Degree: MS Animal Science
  • Study Program: DVM Veterinary Medicine
  • Study Period: 1998 – 2006

University of Virginia

  • Degree: BS in Biology
  • Study Program: BS in Psychology
  • Study Period: 1993 – 1998

If you want to be linked with Dr. Kristen, you can find her at LinkedIn.

A Dog Was Rescued By Dr. Kristen

Dr. Kristen rescued a dog named Basset Hound which was brought into VRC’s Assumption Parish location as a stray. The VRC team was shocked in their first reaction, then an outburst of tears. What was clear was that they had starved to death. The dog even smelled like it could not walk and could hardly stand up.

Basset Hound’s eyes were empty and one was actually blind. It was as if he had given up on living. After being rushed to Dr. Kristen, VRC's veterinarian, stated that hunger and serious skin conditions were the most serious things the dog suffered.

The dog had injuries to his pelvis and severely fractured hemothorax, which was caused by being hit by a car or being hit by a foreign object. It would be a miracle if he even succeeded and he had a very long road to recovery. Basset Hound is currently with VRC’s vet at Cypress Lake Animal Hospital (38316 Hwy 929, Prairieville, LA 70769, 225-313-3057).

Since moving to New Orleans, VRC has become more than just a Pit Bull savior, but now various dog breeds are a big part of their rescue efforts as well as all breeds both pure and mixed breed.

VRC came with the intention to focus on all Pit Bulls who need assistance but when they encountered a situation where they found out the other dog breeds with dire conditions. Of course VRC can't just leave it.

In this case, the current lack of resources, space and funds that VRC is experiencing makes it almost impossible to function. Without the incoming donation, VRC would not be able to help a dog like Basset Hound.

Well, if you want to help a dog like the Basset Hound, of course you can make a donation on the official VRC website which you can access here. (https://vrcpitbull.com/dogs/escargot/) you can also go directly to our veterinarian, Dr. Kristen at Cypress Lake Animal Hospital that we’ve explained above.

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