Did Earl from Pitbulls and Parolees Go Back to Jail in 2020?

Earl was one of Pit Bulls & Parolees TV-Show casts who has been arrested twice. When he was 17 years old, he was arrested for armed robbery and attempted murder. He then got 11 years and four month of 22-year sentences. Sadly, he lost the use of his right arm during a heated game of football with some other inmates.

Unfortunately, he went back to Jail during the week of November 11 – November 15, 2019. It means that in 2020, he has been sentenced to 2 years for possession of drugs with the intention to distribute and was locked up yet again with the Louisiana Department of Corrections with credit for time served.

After he was finally released, it could have made the man a career criminal. When he joined Pit Bulls & Parolees, he appeared with his disability in his right arm. However, he appeared very confident in the show. Despite his disability, he was more fortunate than the other cast because he had experience as a dog handler while he was in prison, so he appeared in Pit Bulls & Parolees professionally.

Did Earl from Pitbulls and Parolees Go Back to Jail in 2020

Earl’s Lawsuit

When someone is dealing with an addiction, certainly everything will change significantly. Even though it has been at least 9 years after Earl was last in jail.

Unfortunately, he had difficulties with addiction and entered into a 90-day rehab program as of 2016 shortly after surgery. He eventually failed to beat the odds and was arrested for possession of pain medication once he had been caught speeding.

For Tia Torres, Earl is her family. She and the rest of the Villalobos Rescue Center struggles to ensure that he is safe and has what he needs to stay out of jail for good. Life goes on, of course, the dog still needs rescuing and adoption and the team should continue on as best they can, though their family, Earl, was arrested and taken to rehab.

In fact, Earl has not been able to escape the addiction to painkillers, which prevents him from doing his job safely. Of course, his team did not stand still by intervening and sending him to rehab was a very good decision.

Earl’s Background for Appearing in Pit Bulls & Parolees

The Pit Bulls & Parolees show helped change this man’s life forever. Earl was offered his fist ever legitimate job with Villalobos Rescue Center, as part of his parole program. Why did he finally appear in the Pit Bulls & Parolees show?

While in the prison, Earl works as a dog handler. So that’s why VRC hired him to be part of dog rescuers. Despite his turbulent history, he remains loving and caring always putting others before himself. Villalobos Rescue Center is his first official job, it means that he has a lot to prove to the rescue, but more importantly to himself.

Throughout his time with Villalobos Rescue Center, he has had several ups and downs.Earl had spinal surgery in 2015 and soon after said that 50% of her pain had subsided..

Sure, that’s pretty darn beautiful to see how someone with a violent and checkered past could bounce back and once being given a chance, prove that he was not only a stand-up guy, but also he’s constantly putting others before himself.

Even though Earl came out of the Pit Bulls & Parolees, however, this show is such a healing point after a lot of suffering and also quite harsh sentences that made him live for more than 10 years in prison.

Along with Pit Bulls & Parolees TV- reality show, he seemed to rise from his slump until he eventually started a new journey of life to provide employment and a stable transition for recent parolees who try to return to society and to combat misconceptions about pit bulls and other dogs.

The point is, the core value of Pit Bulls & Parolees TV reality show is such a redemption for both entities in the title and New Orleans native Earl Moffet is its talking, walking and also dog-loving embodiment.

Earl’s Background Life

Earl was born and raised by single parents in New Orleans as his father had been in and out of prisons his entire life and only spent his final days behind bars. As a child, he often earned himself on the streets hanging out with the older kids. Sure, he often found himself in quite a bit of trouble.

Earl told his life-story while incarcerated in ‘Pit Bulls & Parolees’ Season 16 Episode 6 where Tia Torres struggles to deal with Earl’s recent arrest. This episode is one of the more heartfelt ones of the season when we throwback to Tia Torres’ first interview with Earl.

Tia was impressed by how much Earl owned his past as he told her about his time in prison. From there, he quickly grew to be an important part of the Villalobos family and a vital member of the team.

After some legal ‘tap dancing’, Tia could get Earl out on Bail, taking a huge risk of responsibility for him. Tia had him taken to the Assumption Parish to give the Earl a safe room from the situation to process things. Earl and Tia had a heart to heart about his fears of going back to prison and what life was like inside.

They then continued to talk about Earl’s future, in a moment with other parolees and Villalobos workers, he mentioned that he didn’t want to end up like his father who had been in and out of prisons his entire life and only spending his final days behind bars.

Where Does Earl Work Today?

As of now, Earl is reportedly still fighting the good fight by looking after animals and advocating for rehabilitative programs. Sure, that’s heartwarming to see that he is fighting to maintain his enthusiasm for the life-changing calling he discovered in prison.

Even though Earl was written off as a career criminal with no hopes for redemption, today, he has a great life for himself. Well, his job with the VRC is about as fulfilling as it goes. He’s then a popular Pit Bulls & Parolees cast on a beloved Animal Planet series.

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