Why Isn’t Dr. Kristen on Pitbulls and Parolees Anymore

Why isn't Dr. Kristen on Pitbulls and Parolees anymore? What happened to Dr. Kristen? To get that answer, you have to read this entire article. In this page, we are going to reveal some information about that.

What happened to Dr. Kristen?

Dr. Kristen is still the owner of Cypress Lake Animal Hospital, but Villalobos Rescue Center is going to a different veterinary clinic right now. We are not sure if it is in addition to or in place of the Cypress Lake Animal Hospital, so that is why we are seeing a different vet.  Probably, Cypress Lake Animal Hospital is not conveniently located in the city or country location. But, obviously Dr. Kristen and the staff were great, thus they started driving there rather than the place in the city they had initially been going to upon relocating to New Orleans. Maybe, this place will be better located, at least in relation to the city, therefore if they discover another vet they are able to trust and get reasonably-priced services from. It would be a logical reason to move. However, we have not paid attention to the clinic name to look it up.

We did just check Cypress Lake Animal Hospital's Facebook page and Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC), Tia, Tayho, etc, they are all still listed as related pages by this page, so maybe they still take the country dogs there and now utilize this new place for the city dogs. It seems Cypress Lake also works with other rescues.

About Dr. Kristen Kulinski

About Dr. Kristen Kulinski

According to the research, in the year of 2006, Dr. Kristen graduated from LSU School of the Veterinary Medicine. She won the Schering Plough Internal Medicine Student of the Year award. In the year of 2000 she received a M.S. in Animal Science (Equine Physiology and Endocrinology) from LSU, & two B.S. degrees from the University of Virginia in 1997.

Apparently, Dr. Kristen’s interests include small animal soft tissue and orthopedic surgery as well emergency medicine or surgery. Before starting the clinic with Dr. Lambert in June of 2010, Dr. Kristen Kulinski worked at some emergency clinics, and in a referral hospital.

Dr. Kristen Kulinski grew up in northern Virginia. She was riding and showing horses in hunter or jumper competitions. Later, she moved south for graduate school and has never left. Now, Dr. Kristen lives with her fiance Rhett Mouton and her 6 cats and 6 dogs. Dr. Kristen continues to ride and show her two horses in her spare time. 

Now, you may also want to know some information about Dr. Rhett Mouton. For your information, Dr. Rhett Mouton is a native of Lafayette (Louisiana). After graduating high school in the year of 1997, Dr. Rhett Mouton pursued a career as a professional touring musician and music producer. After ten years, over 10 albums, one major label record deal, and thousands of touring miles, later he retired from the music industry and returned to college to pursue his new life in veterinary medicine. He graduated from LSU School of Veterinary Medicine in the year of 2014. Besides small animal medicine and surgery, Dr. Mouton also has a special interest in diagnostic imaging, exotic pet medicine and equine dentistry.

A few word about Cypress Lake Animal Hospital

With a passion for progressive medicine, they strive every day to give the best possible care for their patients while maintaining the highest level of compassion and understanding for our clients. Whether it is routine preventative medicine like vaccines and heartworm prevention or complex internal medicine and surgical cases, they approach every single case with the same enthusiasm to give the best possible experience and medical outcome for their patients. Also, they work very closely with certain rescue organizations including Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) from the Animal Planet series Pitbulls and Parolees.

Some facts about Villalobos Rescue Center

In addition, here we will also share some facts about Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC).

  • Villalobos Rescue Center first began as a wolf hybrid rescue in the year of 1990 in California, long before there was a TV show.
  • Tia Torres was a contracted dog trainer for the City of Los Angeles Animal Services for 11 years.
  • Villalobos Rescue Center began employing parolees in the year of 2006.
  • Villalobos Rescue Center relocated to Louisiana in the year of 2011 because of economic reasons and also some changes in state laws.
  • Now in Louisiana, Villalobos Rescue Center has a location in the city of New Orleans and in the rural or country environment of Assumption Parish (an hour and a half outside of New Orleans).
  • Because of the overwhelming need to help other dogs, now Villalobos Rescue Center has become an all-breed rescue with the main focus still being on Pit Bulls.
  • Now that they are in the South, they have to deal with heartworm disease. This means that 99 percent of the dogs they take in, enter their facility with this pre-existing condition. It not only takes 3 to 6 months to cure, however it costs up to $500 per dog.
  • Their yearly vet bill is nearly half a million dollars. That is about $500,000.
  • The cost per day to run Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) varies is about $10,000. That is $70K a week, $280,000 a month and approximately $4 million a year to run the rescue.
  • They take in approximately 40 dogs a month.
  • They adopt out about 40 – 50 dogs a month.
  • They adopt dogs all over the country. They do not adopt outside the country with the exception of Canada.
  • Placing or giving up a dog. Whether it be yours personally or a dog that you have discovered, unfortunately with their relocation to Louisiana, they are no longer able to take dogs from out of state. 
  • Each dog that comes through their gates, is an initial and up-front cost of $1000 per dog to Villalobos (medical intake, heartworm disease, vaccinations, spay/neuter, etc)

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