Is Villalobos Rescue Center Closing?

Reportedly, Villalobos Rescue Center was in danger of closing for several reasons a few years ago when going to start operations in  Tehachapi, California. Many fans are very sorry about this incident where one dog rescue center has rescued dozens of dogs and also provides a new way of life for homeless people or young people with a messy past until imprisonment.

Of course, the plan to close the Villalobos Rescue Center is not without reason, especially Tia Torres as the founder of VRC was devastated by the closure of this rescue center. Until finally Tia issued a petition hoping VRC would get a bright spot to continue providing services as a dog savior.

Fortunately, the Villalobos Rescue Center is not closed and it still exists until present in Louisiana and keeps on rescuing the dogs in different places. So, let’s find out the facts about VRC closure plans in the past few years in our post below!

Is Villalobos Rescue Center Closing

The Reason Why VRC Is In Danger of Closing

A petition that you can access here explained a few words why VRC is in danger of closing.

Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) was sued several years ago for immediately shutting down services in dog rescue. This was triggered by a problem with VRC's team with one of the women who accused Tia Torres, the founder of VRC, that she had stolen government money by comparing Tia with people like those who were involved in persecuting Diane Whipple.

As many people know that VRC is in the process of building a new paradise up in the quaint little town of Tehachapi which is known for its gorgeous antique stores and that awesome ‘choo choo’ train. Why VRC had  a plan to move from California to Tehachapi as its country life was so appealing. So, moving up into the secluded mountains is totally right.

Unfortunately, there are some parties who do not like the opening of VRC in Tehachapi, causing problems that lead VRC to be closed immediately or not allowed to exist in Tehachapi.

This problem started when an angry and hateful woman existed there. Tia Torres and other VRC’s teams never met this woman. However, she sent out the attached letter a few days ago. Within the letter, this woman accused Tia of stealing government money which basically compared her to the likes of the people who were involved in the Diane Whipple mauling.

Tia emphasized that she never once asked her with concerns as some of the other nice folk up there have. Sure, Tia regretted that she actually complained about the condition of their damaged dirt road, when Tia offered to cover all costs so that no more local residents would take care of their way out of their pockets anymore.

In fact, this woman lives quite far from the place where Villalobos Rescue Center will operate, but for some reason, she insists on closing VRC which is known as an organization that helps people who have lost their hope of life to get back on the right path, and in this case, do it. a form of humanitarianism whereby the organization deals with stray dog populations while trying to find lost owners.

VRC has also set up a ‘Reward Program’ that the team were willing to share with the local businesses which would have given them more income and brought in more donations for them. Tia and the other VRC’s team really didn’t understand why this woman was doing this.

However, if she succeeds in her lawsuit, of course VRC will not be able to operate as a savior anymore. That is, they have done everything according to the procedure by applying for the proper permits first from the government, etc. In fact, the VRC team had their county hearing on March, 10th, 7:00 P.M in Bakersfield.

At the time, Villalobos had to suspend some of its many services as they now have to focus on addressing this issue. Phone calls and emails at that time of course were not answered for a certain period of time until they were able to handle all this.

The point is, the battle was being fueled by the woman who was not any county entities. Of course, VRC’s team appreciates any and all support where a lot of lives depend on it. Certainly, VRC couldn’t longer save more dogs or continue their free spay/neuter program if she succeeds in her vicious war with them.

Fortunately, the woman did not succeed and in the end VRC can still operate until now with a note that VRC was not operating in Tehachapi, California.

Where Does Villalobos Rescue Center Move?

Four years ago, the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC)  moved from Tehachapi, California to New Orleans, Louisiana. The reason why VRC moved from California is mostly because of the opposition it faces at its original location. Well, the VRC team’s dream to get a new location in Tehachapi, California was no longer happening.

The main reason why VRC in California was not open as Kern County did a ‘180’ on them and denied their permits to operate at the last minute after spending countless days and dollars in the process of providing the rescue center.

The Ken County Sheriff’s Department also got involved by sending the county commissioners a three page letter which said that the VRCs were dangerous. Of course, this letter broke their years of struggling dog rescue in Los Angeles County.

Although a permit to run a "business" at Tehachapi was denied, it was not an obstacle for them to run a shelter for our elderly dogs elsewhere. So they started to rethink and started making new plans to move elsewhere so that their loyal employees can continue to volunteer. It's like a VRC mission where being able to do something good with a treasure will give it a purpose and all the hard work won't go to waste.

After 18 years of operating in Los Angeles County, they have already begun their new journey to leave California. They then were setting up in a different place which is now relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana.

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