Mariah Pitbull and Parolees Cancer

There is a cast of the popular TV show called Pitbull and Parolees who died due to cancer. A lot of people think Mariah is the one when in fact it is Anthony Allen. What made he died? Do you want to know about the whole story? Find out everything below.  

Anthony Allen left the world forever on June 28th, 2015 at 4:58 PM. He was just 29 years old the time when he died. He was preceded in death by his step father named B. Keith Hunnicutt, his paternal grandmother named Juanita Allen and his nephew named Riley Merrifield. The man leaves behind his father named Larry Allen, his grandfather named Wilbur Allen, his mother Dee Miller, his grandparents named Don and Jody Carter and Bill and Sherry Miller, his sister named Stefanie Allen, a few uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends.

Mariah Pitbull and Parolees Cancer

There is a quote made by him in 2013, saying that everyone should live like there is no tomorrow and it is a must to stop looking in the rear view. He said that life is short so that looking in the rear view should be stopped and now it is time to appreciate the little things. He said that he had to learn the hard way, as always.

Some donations were made to the funeral cost of the Anthony Allen at Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral Home in lieu of flowers. There was no funeral, as wished by him. However, there was a celebration of life from him from 11:30 AM to 7:00 PM on Sunday July 5, 2015 that took place in Ritter Springs Park, 3683 W. Farm Road 190 in Springfield. In addition, there was also a balloon release at 3:00 PM on Sunday.

According to his obituary, the one called Anthony Allen was born on February 3, 1986 in Springfield, Missouri. It is stated that he was so into tattooing, construction and working with food. He was known as a man that was good with his hands. However, his passions were always into art and music. Not only these hobbies, the man also learned MMA fighting.

Anthony Allen was well-loved. He was always so nice with an infectious smile. When he was still alive, he loved to spend his time with his friends and his family. He was blessed with a big heart and his family was always his number one focus.

Anthony Allen was an owner of a dog. He made an appearance in a heartwarming episode of the show that focuses on the Villalobos Rescue Center in Louisiana called Pit Bulls and Parolees aired by Animal Planet. For those who are not that familiar with the show, it is about the owner of the rescue center named Tia Torres and her staff parolees to focus on finding homes for no other than pit bulls. Their work has been documented by the Animal Planet since 2009. The show is such a hit. Everyone loves it because it breaks down the common misconceptions of these dogs and the ones that released from the bar.

Due to the success of the show, it had its 200th episode on January 2, 2021. Animal Planet began to air the new season and the audiences were given a two hour retrospect on everything that has been accomplished by the center. Villalobos has clearly touched the hearts of many over the years. In this season, the audiences can see pit bulls, rescue stories, and many more.

Talking about Anthony Allen on Pitbull and Parolees, the guy showed up on the season six premiere of the show. On the show, he adopted a rescue pit bull known as Ana. As an honor, the representative of the Villalobos Rescue Center released a statement that was posted on Facebook on July 11, 2015. They said that even though Anthony and his wife Melissa divorced after their episode ended, Melissa had a dark time of her own. The situation affected Ana. Fortunately, Ana did not suffer that long thanks to her new family who protects her at all cost. They added the statement about Anthony who continue to fight his battle with cancer and left the world because of it. They called him as a kind young man and his outgoing personality was infectious.  

Actually, Anthony Allen was not the only cast of Pitbull and Parolees who lost his life to cancer and Mariah is, once again, not the one. Aside from him, there is Mutt. Who was Mutt? Here is a brief summary of him and his story.

An episode of the show that was aired on November 30, 2019 featured staff members at Villalobos Rescue Centre fulfilling the last wish of Mutt. His last wish was to give a dog known as Sweet Tart a new place called home with his brother and his family. He had always a special bond with the dogs since the first time the dog entered the shelter.

According to a post shared by the official Facebook account of Pit Bulls and Parolees, Sweet Tart was abandoned near the shelter by its owner because it had cancer in the left ear. Mutt was the one that decided to take the dog to the vet and she found out that the disease was able to be cured. According to the one of the casts, at the same time Sweet Tart was battling with cancer, Mutt was diagnosed with the same disease.

No one doubt Mutt’s love for Sweet Tart. A staff member revealed that he was really fond of that dog. During the treatment of the dog, he would often ask for pictures of it. The media portal reported that he was diagnosed with brain cancer and left the world shortly after being diagnosed. He was always wanted for the Sweet Tart to get the best thing. As stated before, his last wish was to find a perfect home for Sweet Tart under the care and supervision of his brother and his whole family.      

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