What Happened to Kanani Chock on Pitbulls and Parolees

If you are a fan of the TV show aired by Animal Planet known as Pitbull and Parolees, you must be familiar with Kanani Chock. He is one of the children of the founder of the rescue, Tia Torres. Actually, he has not made a large number of appearances and he is, along with his twin brother, Keli’I Chock, is less popular compared to the other children of Tia, Tania Torres and Mariah Torres.


  • Full Name: Kanani Chock
  • Birth Place: Southern California of United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Father: Aren Marcu Jackson
  • Mother: Tia Torres
  • Siblings: Tia Torres (sister), Mariah Torres (sister) Keli’i Chock or Moe (brother)
  • Spouse: Mariah Chock

Kanani Chock Pitbulls and Parolees

Despite not being that popular compared to his sisters, Kanani is still part of the rescue and it is one of the important figures. He is known as the rescue army at the rescue. As the eldest son in the family, he started helping out his mother since from a very young age. He is the moodbooster that lights up the mood of people in his surroundings. While he is known for his quick humor, it does not mean he is the one without skill. What makes him attractive is the fact that he is so good at handling the problematic dogs. He was named as the most favorite one when the Pitbull and Parolees was aired for the first time in 2009 due to his skill in handing these kinds of dogs.

Kanani Chock is not only good with Pitbulls but he is also a good stun rider. When he is not spending his time with the dogs, he loves to challenge himself and keeps the adrenaline by going with the street bikes. He loves his hobby that much, that’s why he always finds time between his busy life at the Villalobos Rescue Center.

However, his story is not always good and dreamy like a fairytale. In August last year, Kanani was involved in a motorbike accident. If you want to know more about what happened too him, you should keep reading the article until the last word.

The accident that happened to Kanani Chock was shown on the preview of the Pit Bulls and Parolees Season 16 Episode 4 that was aired on Planet Animals. At the time, the boy was on his bike and then he started to lost control and the crash happened. When it happened, he was rushed to the hospital to get treated, which left him clinging for his life. According to the news sites, the accident forced him to be out of the commission for a few months, meaning he was also left out of the new season of the show.

During the hardest time in his life, Kanani was supported by his mother and the rest of his family. They were always by his side to make sure that that he felt good and loved. Actually, there is no much known about the detail of the accident, including about his injury that has been kept in as a secret. One thing that is sure is the fact that he did not die from the accident and he is still alive.

Kanani Chock was born on April 20, 187 in Hawaii. He is currently 33 years old. As mentioned earlier, he has a twin brother named Keli’i Chock, who is more popular as Moe. Both were adopted by Tia Torres not long after they were born. As the one who grow up with Tia Torres and her family who love animals, especially dogs, it is normal if Kanani Chock is also interested in animals and love them.

Having such a family who loves animals does not mean everything is good. Kanani and his twin brother had a hard time when growing up. When they were still at school days, his sister Mariah got close to them and when they faced such a difficult time, they started to spend more time at the ranch. They did help out with some different kinds of projects on weekends when the schools were off. As their skills became seen, the twins were added as the newest members of the Villalobos Rescue Center family. Both Kanani and Keli’I Chock share a Pitbull that they name Monster. The dog is big and they love to take him everywhere they go.

Just like him, his twin brother named Keli’I or Moe also loves motorcycles. While Kanani loves his street bike and performs in an extreme sport known as stunting, the kind of activity where he stands up on his seat and does a wheelie, Moe likes to play dirty by flying up in the air and doing flips on his dirt bike. Both are extreme and can be dangerous but they seem to love what they love to do.

Motorcycling is not the only extreme hobby that they are addicted to. When the season is off, they pursue snowboarding. The twins are good on the slopes. Both Kanani and Keli’i are full of talents. There is no sport that they cannot slay or a project that they cannot figure out. In addition to taking care or dogs, motorcycling, and snowboarding, they are also into music. These two can play a few instruments and they had a mini band in the past.

Actually, no one of these hobbies of the Chock twins mentioned above cannot top their eternal hobby, which is cuddling with their favorite dog Monster as well as playing a video game all day long. They usually do it like every day.

By reading the paragraphs above, it can be concluded that Kanani Chock shares so many similarities with his twin brother, Keli’i Chock or Moe. Actually, they are not that “same”. They might share so many similarities but when it comes to the personality, they are like earth and sky. Unlike Kanani who is bubble and is the mood booster, Keli’i is shy and prefers to keep everything to himself.

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