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Pitbulls and Parolees is a reality show which follows the exploits of the Villalobos Rescue Center. It is a shelter that was set up by Tia Torres, a popular pitbull training instructor. The main focus of the organization is to rehabilitate the dogs that have been abandoned, or in some cases injured. Pitbulls and Parolees first premiered on October 30th, 2009 on the Animal Network. Last year, the news broke that Tia Torres’ son, Kanani Chock had been involved in an accident. Please learn more about that incident right here.

What Happened to Tia Torres' Son?

What happened to Tia Torres' son? Has Tia Torres' son, Kanani Chock, died in an accident? For your information, Kanani Chock is an old employee at the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC). He was born on April 20th, 1987 in Hawaii. Kanani Chock and his twin brother were adopted by Tia Torres shortly after birth. Kanani Chock and his brother grew up close to the animal shelter, meaning that they developed a vested interest in the animals as they got older. Besides working with animals, Kanani Chock also developed a passion for stunt work, especially motorcycles. It is a passion that nearly proved to be his undoing.

Back in August 2020, the fans knew that Tia Torres’ son had been involved in an accident. Kanani Chock was on his bike when he lost control of it, causing the accident. Kanani Chock had to be hospitalized immediately, which left him clinging for his life. That accident put him out of the commission for some months, which meant that he was also left out of the new season of Pitbulls & Parolees.

Family and co-workers of Kanani Chock were very supportive while he was at the hospital. Even that accident was referenced on the show in an episode that saw the entirety of the Villalobos family rally behind him.

Update on Kanani Health

Kanani Chock

Apparently, there was not a lot of information released regarding Kanani’s time in the hospital. The one thing that we are able to say for certain is that he did not die from the injuries he sustained during the accident. Our best guess is that he took several times off to recuperate back home. Also, his absence could be linked to the recent COVID-19 pandemic that left a majority of the world’s population in quarantine.

Tia Maria Torres Children

Here are some Tia Maria Torres children you have to know:

Kanani Chock: Kanani Chock is the adopted son of Tia Maria Torres. He came into this world from April 20, 1987. Kanani Chock and his twin brother are natives of the state of Hawaii. Like his adopted mother, Tia Maria, Kanani Chock also works at the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) and is a television personality on Pitbulls and Parolees. Kanani Chock has made some appearances on the reality show. Also, he has broad interests in music. Both Kanani Chock and his twin brother have played many musical instruments on the show they star on.

Stun work is another one of Kanani’s interests, which he does on his street bike. Based on the research, his career exploits have brought him a net worth about $500,000. Back in 2013, Kanani Chock started a relationship with Mariah. Now, they are married and have a son together. Also, Mariah works at the animal center that Tia Maria Torres founded.

Keli’i Chock: Keli’i Chock is the older twin brother of Kanani Chock. On April 20th, 1987, he was born in Hawaii, where he and his brother spent most of their childhood before being adopted by Tia Maria Torres. Like the rest of his family, Keli’i Chock also works at the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) and stars on his mother’s hit reality show. He makes music alongside his twin brother, and the pair share a passion for bike riding as well.

While Keli’l Chock and Kanani Chock are genetically similar, they would not be able to separate in regards to personality. Keli’l Chock is much more reserved, whereas his brother is outgoing. According to the research, Keli’l Chock is married to Lizzy. He has a son named Nakoa who came into this world in 2017.

Tania Torres: Tania Torres was born on May 6th, 1985. Like the rest of her family, she has a passion for rescuing dogs, which is on full display on the reality show, Pit Bulls and Parolees. Also, she works at the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) alongside the rest of her family. Before that, she dabbled with life in film, working as an assistant before getting an opportunity to star on some titles of her own. Those include films such as Candid Conversations and Face to Face.

Based on the research, Tania Torres is married to Perry Sanchez. He was born in Westwego and now works at the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) alongside his wife and in-laws. The two tied the knot in 2016, where Tania Torres shocked the guests by turning up in a black wedding dress. Her daughter, Salem-Wolf, was born a year later. Now, the family resides in New Orleans.

Mariah Torres: Mariah Torres is the youngest child of Tia Maria Torres. She is not only a television personality but also a former model. Mariah Torres has been featuring on beauty pageants from the moment she turned 10. But, now Mariah Torres helps at her mother’s dog rescue center. This is the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC), whose management she plays a vital role in. Also, she is a star on the Animal Planet, featuring on the hit show, PitBulls and Parolees, ever since she was a child. For your information, Mariah Torres was born on September 6th, 1991.

This would make Tia Torres’s youngest child, Mariah Torres, 30 years old as of 2021. Aside from that, Mariah Torres is also fairly active on social media platforms such as Instagram where she shares many pictures and has obtained a massive following.

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  1. Hello Pit Bull families. I’m 80 years old and live in a nursing home in Texas. I never miss your show on Animal Planet. I’m frustrated because I don’t know what happened to Moe, Kanani’s twin brother, and I can’t remember who his wife, Lizzy is. One website says she is an actress and helps rescue pit bulls. Please put my mind at ease and share with me how Moe, a nickname, met his demise, and how his wife and son are now.

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