Did Jake From Pitbulls and Parolees Start a Rescue

Jake Gardner is a former reality TV personality who is also one of the first casts of Pit Bulls and Parolees. Jack appeared in over 40 episodes of the Pit Bulls and Parolees show from 2009 to 2013. He has left the Pit Bulls & Parolees show after 4 seasons.

While appearing on PitBulls and Parolees, Jake has a lot of responsibilities including managing employees, volunteers and controlling kennel operations. He also has a private Instagram account where he often posts photos of some of the best Pit Bulls.

A lot of Jake Gardner fans on the Pit Bulls & Parolees really wonder whether he also starts rescuing pit bulls or other dogs after leaving VRC or not. Well, if you’re a Jake Gardner fan who really wants to know what he is doing now, let’s see our post below to find out the true fact!

Did Jake From Pitbulls and Parolees Start a Rescue

What Does Jake Do Today After Leaving VRC?

Jake Gardner has left after four seasons on the Pit Bulls & Parolees show as a part of Villalobos Rescue Center. This rescue organization really gave him the second chances to rescue pit bulls and parolees which help to rehabilitate them. Today, Jake has started his own pit bulls rescue center in Asheboro.

Jake has used his experience from the Pit Bulls & Parolees show to start his own rescue center in Asheboro named Fortitudine Vincimus Rescue Center or “The Fort” for short. On the show, Jake said cast members joked around with his title being the ‘Overlord’ as his a lot of responsibilities in managing employees, volunteers and kennel operations at the center.

Reason Why Jake a Dog Rescue Organization

Jake emphasized that there’s nothing like Villalobos. That’s why he wants to bring what he did in VRC to North Carolina, a rescue where they have a facility where they are able to assist on a much larger scale.

Jake’s rescue organization also has taken in other dog breeds which need saving, though pit bulls are his passion. Currently, at least 11 dogs from Guilford County’s Animal Shelter have been sent to ‘The Fort’ because of lack of space.

A majority of the dogs under Jake’s organization are next on the euthanization list at many Triad shelters. Jake revealed that he chose to come to North Carolina after learning of the gas chamber and heart stick techniques as well as the shelter overpopulation issues in the state.

Jake also emphasized that not everything can be saved as much as you wish it could, however, if it has to be euthanized why not it is performed in the most humane way possible.

Moreover, Jake is also using ‘The Fort’ to give education on the importance of spaying and neutering the dog. Jake is also on the schedule to speak to local juvenile delinquents who work with animals on proper dog handling.

For more information, a family who applies to Jake’s organization for adoption should first pass a house check. However, all pit bulls or other dog breeds ready for adoption are spayed or neutered and up to date with their necessary vaccinations.

In this case, Jake is looking for a permanent facility to provide his rescue organization in the Randolph County area. Additionally, Fortitudine Vincimus Rescue Center relies on private donations and sponsorship to fund the rescues.

About The Fort, Jake’s Rescue Organization

The Fort Fortitudine Vincimus Rescue Center (http://www.thefortrescue.org/) provides an official site, making it easy for people to  find them. Jake Gardner found this dog rescue organization in North Carolina in 2012.

After many years rescuing a lot of dogs across the United States, he then decided it was a great time to move on from Villalobos and do something good somewhere new. With his experience and knowledge that he got from Villalobos, he courageously opened a dog rescue center in North Carolina to provide relief to an area which desperately needs help.

According to Latin, Fortitudine Vincimus means "By Endurance We Conquer” which has a deep meaning for a non-discriminatory pit bull rescue. Even though The Fort’s focus is mainly The American Pit Bull Terrier, however, the organization will never discriminate against a dog based on breed. It means that they also rescue other dog breeds, outside of pit bulls.

The Fort-Fortitudine Vincimus Rescue Center is serving animals in an area of North Carolina where over 30,000 dogs enter into the local shelters every year. Unfortunately, the vast majority do not stand a chance at life. There are a lot of dogs who suffer horrific and inhumane death in antiquated. Then, many times not properly functioning, gas chambers.

What Is the Focus of The Fort?

The Fort is a no kill, non-discriminatory rescue which is dedicated to alleviate the suffering of all dogs, especially the American Pit Bulls Terrier. However, this is an area where most dogs stand little to no chance of surviving once entering shelters. Many have euthanasia rates approaching 90 percent.Entering the shelter, the Pit Bulls' fate is sealed. Most local shelters refuse to allow them to be adopted and they are almost immediately euthanized more often than not.

Well, The Fort works with local shelters and also a lot of the other foster based rescue groups in the area. They are currently in the process of trying to build kennels at their new locations  so that they can help on a much larger scale by being the only rescue facility in an area which desperately needs help.

Jake, the founder of The Fort, believes that every dog deserves a loving, caring home which will give them the best life possible, the life where the dogs deserve. The Fort works toward improving the lives of all animals through education and promoting spaying/neutering to decrease overpopulation.

Therefore, the spaying/neutering method aims to lower shelters with extremely high kill rates. Jake's organization focuses on rescuing and adopting animals to loving homes which are looking to welcome a new member to the family. Jake also believes in the humane treatment of all breeds and animals, no matter how small or large.

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