Where is Mondo from Villalobos

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Mondo or Armando Galindo is a former cast member of Pitbulls and Parolees. Do you like watching this show? If you like watching this show, you may be curious where he is now. We have collected some information about him and here is what we found.

Where is Mondo?

Regarding where Mando now, unfortunately we could not find the information about him. There is not much information that you can get about him if you search in your browser. If you access on the Villalobos Rescue Center on Facebook, there are a number of people who ask where Mondo is. But, no one answered this question.

Where is Mondo from Villalobos

Even if you check on his Twitter account named Pitbull Homie at @MandoOMyDogz, the last update was on January 2021 and there is no more updates until this article was created.

However, we have a little bit story about him when he was at Villalobos.

Mondo, His Son and Pitbulls

Armando Galindo or Mondo was present on Pitbulls and Parolees. Pitbulls and Parolees is the program about following Tia Torres and the ex-cons that she hires to take care for the pit bulls that she rescues in her Villalobos Rescue Center in Agua Dulce. There are not many people who know that he has a more important role in real life than on reality tv. It is because Mondo is a father who tries to keep his promise to his son named Tommy.

Armando served four years because of forgery. He got into prison by the usual route. Then Armando was transferred to Cuesta Conservation Camp and there, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection personnel train convicts to fight wildfires. In November 2007, his crew went to Ventura County to battle fires in the coastal canyons.

As Mondo was in the base camp at Camarillo Airport, he looked up to see something, but he was surprised because found his son through six bulldozers, two dozen fire engines, and 800 firefighters. His son, Tommy, who was 11 years old at that time, was there with a church group who delivered pies to the firefighters. After that, he ran to be able to hug his son that he had not seen in two years. He state that he loved Tommy and he would see him soon. One day, they had seen a lot of each other where they played video games together and even Armando taught Tommy's Little League team.

Armando was paroled in May 2008. Not long after that, he had a chance to meet again with his son and they spent a few days together. Their togetherness went well. However, there was something which made Armando sad. What was it? He had no job  at that time and there was no place which hired him as an ex con. Because he was an ex con, there was a lot of negativity that he got and it made him think that he cannot be successful. But then, he found a new opportunity in his life when he was told about Torress at a job fair for parolees. He got informed that Torres hires parolees to take care of the pit bulls that she rescues and rehabilitates.

Armando realized that he did not know much about dogs but he would do anything that he could there. Then, when he was interviewed by Torres, luckily she liked what she saw about him. Torres stated that she liked him because he could embrace his former criminal life and it did not make no excuses for his poor behaviour.

When Armando worked at Villalobos Rescue Center, the things that he did is picking up pit bull poop. In addition, he was learning how to take care of dogs that had been treated improperly such as being abused, neglected or forced into dogfighting. Armando were sure that convicts and pit bulls are a good mix. At that time, Armando need to make an almost two-hour commute to working. More than 250 dogs were fed, groomed and helped to train by Armando and the parolee crew.

When he had a role in Pit bulls and Parolees, he stated that it was a bonus. At the beginning of the shooting, he was nervous to be on that show because there were cameras watching him. But after a while, he forgot that there were cameras which shot him. On an episode of Pit Bulls and Parolees, he was shown bathing Shaggy, the pit bull.

Then, Armando lived with his minor celebrity status in 'Nard. After that, there was another thing which happened where Tommy, his son, joined him at Villalobos ranch for volunteer days. And then Tommy wrote an essay about the rights of dogs for his language arts class.

Torres said that the dogs could change Armando to be a better man. She also stated that she has seen Armando bite his tongue a lot more. She also has seen him in positions here that usually would have made him go off on someone, but now he will smile and walk away. Tommy also told Torres that his dad is spending many time with him and Armando successfully could complete his parole. Nevertheless, Armando realized  that his struggles to begin a life after being in jail were far from over.

Mondo and O'My Dogz

According to the Villalobos Rescue website on a post on August 31st, 2011 entitled Mando and O'My Dogz, O'My Dogz consists of Armando and Ruby Galindo and Jason & Natalie Franks and they are known as the OMD Family.  Mando and his wife are co-creators of these cool shirts. Jason and Natalie Franks are not only members of the OMD Family, but also the Villalobos one. They had supported and dedicated their time for Villalobos and it was invaluable.

According to that post, they have created a cool t-shirt line where a portion of the proceeds will finally used to help support their sanctuary dogs.

Well, that's the information that we are able to give to you about Mondo or Armando Galindo. As you can see that there is no information that we could get about where he is now. Thank you for reading this.

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