Earl Pitbulls and Parolees

Do you like watching Pit Bulls and Parolees? This program is a series of reality television from America that was aired on Animal Planet. It unites the misunderstandings of the Pit Bull breed. The program which debuted on October 30, 2009 features the Villalobos Rescue Center and was located in Agua Dulce, California. But, the organization has relocated to the New Orleans, Louisiana area. That is the biggest pitbull animal shelter in the United States. The founder, Tia Torres, came up on the Daily Show together with Jon Stewart on September 24, 2014 and said that her organization possess about 400 dogs and that the popularity of the show makes it in “four times” as many dogs being directed to her organization.

This show portray the day to day operations at the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) that include rescues of abused, neglected and abandoned dogs, and also the efforts of center to adopt out the dogs to the new owners. Tia Tores agreed to be on the show to give help pay part of Villalobos then $25,000 per month bills. Since they move the whole rescue group that include the dogs, parolees who wanted to go, and her family to New Orleans, the costs have tripled. Per month, they now become $80,000. The primary focus of the show is the interaction among Tia, her dogs, and the parolees who work for her during training duties and daily care and pit bull rescue missions.

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Talk about Pit Bulls and Parolees, it can not be separated from Earl. Earl, as many of you know, was one of the first parolee hires when Villalobos Rescue Center first relocated to New Orleans. He has proven to be their largest success story to date and he now wants to share his tails with you. Well, some of you perhaps do not follow much about the program of Pit Bulls and Parolees so you do not really know who Earl is. Earl was born and raised in New Orleans.

He was raised and only child and brought up by a single parent. He frequently found himself on the streets to hang out with the older kids and says that he only knew hoe to follow by example. So, Earl often found himself in quite a bit of trouble. When he then 17 years old exactly on the fateful night in 1986, he was with people whom he believed to be his friends. He was delivered to prison for armed robbery and tried murder. He got a 22-year sentence but only ended up serving 11 years and 4 months.

After he released from the prison, he has a trouble again with a charge of possession with intent to distribute and was sent bank to prison. So, it was he, during a game of football with the other inmates, where he lost the function of his right arm. Even though he has disability, he has a slight advantage to the parolees. He worked a s a dog handler when he was in prison. Then, even though he has turbulent history, he remains loving and caring, always putting others before himself. His first official job is VCR and he feels that he has a lot to prove to the rescue but more importantly to himself.

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