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There are some cast members of Pitbulls and Parolees. One of them is Moe. He is a twin of Kanani. You may have wondered what happened to him on Pitbulls and Parolees. So, you are able to check it in the article below.

The Things Happened to Moe

The real name of Moe is Keli'i Cameron who is one of the Pit Bulls and Parolees twins. He was born on April 20, 1987 in California, United States. He and his brother, Kanani, are adopted by Tia Torres from Hawaii and then Tia makes them members of the Villalobos Rescue Center family.

Moe Pitbulls and Parolees

Since 2011 Moe has appeared in a lot of episodes of the show and there he presents himself as a funny person, but has outstanding natural abilities where he can work with the most difficult dogs.

He and Kanani had a rough time growing up. During they met at school, Tia's daughter Mariah befriended them. If life at home was hard, they started to spend more time at the ranch working on weekends and helping out with various projects. Then, he and his twin became the newest members of the Villalobos Rescue Center Family.

Moe and Kanani share a big pit bull. Its name is Monster and this pit bull travels with them everywhere. Not only animal lovers, they are also multi-talented in their artwork and they love to draw and paint. They are able to play some instruments and formed their own mini band. Nevertheless, their passion is their motorcycles.

Moe likes to play dirty by flying up in the air and even he can do flips on his dirt bike. Even though this does not always sit well with the neighbors, but they love to live life 'dangerously fun' as you can read the description on the Share TV.

In the off season, Moe and his twin have another passion, namely snowboarding. They can do that on the slopes. There is not a sport that they cannot handle or a project that they cannot understand.

He has a wife named Lizzy and a boy named Nakoa.

That's the information that we got about Moe. Actually, there is not much information about what really happened to him. If you want to know about the Pit Bulls and Parolees show and also Villalobos Rescue Center where Moe is present, you are able to read the explanation below.

Knowing More About Pit Bulls and Parolees

Pit Bulls and Parolees is a reality tv series from America. In 2009, this show started. As you watch in the show that it focuses on the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC). VRC is a rescue for dogs, specifically pit bull dogs. This show comes with some missions which are stated in voice over during the opening credits of the show by the founder Tia Maria Torres. The missions are to combat misconceptions about pit bulls and other similar dogs and also to provide employment and a stable transition for recent parolees who are trying to return to society.

In Agua Dulce, California, Tia Torres started the shelter. Then, in 2011, the shelter was moved to Greater New Orleans in Louisiana. Usually, in the episodes, there are several stories and it includes both a dog rescue and also an adoption. In the episodes, you are able to see Tia and her family which include her daughters Tania and Mariah, adopted twin sons Kanani and Moe, their wives Lizzie and Mariah (or M2) and the parolees who work in the rescue to do daily care training duties and pit bull rescue missions.

Knowing More About Villalobos Rescue Center

Firstly, Villalobos Rescue Center (VCR) started as a wolf/ wolf hybrid rescue in the 90's back in California. It was long before there was a tv show. Then, for the City of Los Angeles Animal Services, Tia was the contracted dog trainer for 11 years.

In 2006, Villalobos Rescue Center which is owned by Tia started employing parolees. And then, in 2011 it moved to Louisiana due to economic reasons and major changes in state laws where it made it almost impossible to function as a non profit business.

In Louisiana, Tia has a location for Villalobos Rescue Center. Where is it? It is located in the city of New Orleans and in the rural/ country environment of Assumption Parish. Villalobos Rescue Center now becomes a rescue for all breeds, but the main focus is still on Pit Bulls. It is because of the overwhelming need to be able to help other dogs.

Now, because they are in the South, they have to deal with heartworm disease which means that 99% of the dogs they take in, get into their facility with this pre-existing condition. It takes three to six months to cure and it costs up to $500 per dog. Their vet bill in a year is almost half a million dollars. The cost per day to run Villalobos Rescue Center varies. However, the average is around $10,000,00. It is around $70k a week, $280,000 a month and almost $4 million a year to run this rescue.

In a month, usually they take in almost 40 dogs. In a month, they also adopt out around 40 to 50 dogs. They adopt dogs all over the country, but they do not adopt outside the country with the exception of Canada. As explained on the official website of Villalobos Rescue Center that every dog which comes through their gates, is an initial and up front cost of $1000 per dog to Villalobos. Those are for medical intake, vaccinations, spay/ neuter, heartworm disease and more.

Knowing More About Lizzy, Moe's Wife

Lizzy Chock is Keli'i (Moe) Cameron's wife. She is an actress in the show since 2016. Same as the other cast members in the tv series, she loves dogs and she is a collector of mugs. One proof that she loves dogs can be seen in one of the show's episodes where she rescues a pit bull after she confronted the owner that had abandoned it.

If she is not rescuing pit bulls in the show, she usually spends her time with her family and will take care of her other dogs. She has an Instagram account and usually she is active on it.

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